variable speed pool pump water flow “Do I Need a Variable Speed Pool Pump?”

If pool equipment efficiency, energy-saving operations, and your budget are important to you, consider a variable speed pool pump. A variable speed pool pump is not only earth-friendly, but it can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Variable speed pool pumps allow you to “dial in” the exact flow rate needed for your pool. Reducing the water’s flow rate and friction makes the entire system more efficient.

While the biggest benefit of a variable pump is pool equipment efficiency (most studies show that they are 90% more efficient than standard, one-speed pumps), variable speed pool pumps are also quieter to operate, run cooler, and have a longer lifespan than single or dual-speed pumps.

Variable speed pool pumps cost more than other pumps initially, but the benefits can outweigh the price tag. Consider the following factors when determining if a variable speed pump is the right choice for you:

Variable Speed Pool Pump Power Consumption
How does the utilization of a variable speed pool pump equate with energy savings? Variable speed pool pumps allow you to run your pool at a lower speed for longer periods, as opposed to single speed pumps that run at higher speeds for a shorter period of time. By lowering the RPMs, the pool pump consumes far less energy.

Better Filtration
The slower the water flow, the easier it is for your swimming pool filter to grab particles and debris from the water.

Typically, the automation systems for variable speed pool pumps have friendlier user interfaces that make controlling the pump much easier. Managing the pump is much like using a smartphone or tablet.

Less Noise
If you enjoy sitting by your swimming pool, relishing in the sound of water flowing, a variable speed pool pump is the quietest choice. While most pumps today do not generate a lot of sound, if you’re looking for a near-silent solution, you’ll want to choose a variable pump.

Meets Requirements
Some states may have energy efficiency laws that restrict the use of single-speed pool pumps. Installing a variable speed pool pump is a safe choice in locations where these laws are in place.

Long-Term Investment
Thinking long-term, it will cost far less to run a variable speed pool pump than running an inefficient pool pump. Taking advantage of rebates and incentives can help recover some of that upfront cost, which makes it a more economical choice.

Combine this with the fact that variable speed pool pumps are better for the environment and better for your pool, careful consideration of a variable speed pool pump is justified.


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