Before you install a vinyl swimming pool,  it is important to consider the vinyl pool liner costs. To make your project affordable, you need to account for both the initial cost of building and the expenses involved in vinyl liner replacement.

What’s the Difference between Initial Vinyl Pool Liner Costs and Lifetime Costs?

When planning your vinyl swimming pool budget, consider both the initial costs and the lifetime costs.  The initial cost is the upfront expense of building the pool itself along with additional features and landscaping. The lifetime costs refer to the expenses made on repairs, replacements, and maintenance.

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The Initial Cost of Installing Vinyl Pool Liners

There are many factors that affect the upfront or initial cost of installing a pool liner. These include your location since prices vary from state to state. The initial installation charges also depend on the size of your pool. Generally, you will pay a cost per square foot for the material.

The Shape and Size

In terms of shape, vinyl pools come in a wide variety. You’ll have a large selection of shapes and sizes to choose from. A rectangular shape is not only easy to install but also saves a lot on initial installation. On the other hand, a curvy shape may be more expensive, as the installation is more complex and will take more time. A large pool will require more materials than a smaller one, which can also affect costs.

Pool Liner Thickness

Pool liners come in a variety of thicknesses.  While thin liners are inexpensive and easy, they wear faster and the long-term costs may end up being higher. it costs more to install thick liners, however, they provide an extra layer of protection to your pool.

Wall Panels

Generally, aluminum and steel are used for making the wall panels of a pool. They are an integral component in vinyl pool liner costs. These stronger materials are costlier than plastic or polymer. However, durability is an important factor to consider when making this selection.

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Lifetime Cost of a Pool Liner

On average, a vinyl pool liner lasts 5-9 years. The cost of replacement can go up to $45000 depending on the labor charges and materials. But, vinyl liner pools require less electricity and chemicals for their daily maintenance, when compared to gunite.

So, before making any decision, consider all of these factors when determining vinyl pool liner costs.

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