When you want to keep your Northern Virginia pool looking beautiful, you should have a pool maintenance schedule that will help you keep track of when you need to clean your pool. Cleaning your pool regularly and creating a routine will help you extend your pool‘s lifetime as well as giving you more swim time since you will deal with fewer problems in your pool. In this article, we are going to talk about pool maintenance and creating a schedule.

Pool Maintenance

pool maintenance

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If you feel like you already have a full schedule and have no time for anything to go wrong, then you want to minimize your risks of having a crisis in your pool. You can do this by creating a pool maintenance schedule that will help you stay on top of your cleaning. Not only will you eliminate stress when you stick to a schedule, but you will save money on pool chemicals.

While it may not make any sense that you would save money on chemicals by treating your pool more, it is true. The reason being, it is easier to maintain chemical levels than it is to correct chemical levels. When you have to correct chemical levels, that means you are going to be using more chemicals to create the balance your pool needs. If you keep your pool on balance, you won’t have that problem.

pool maintenance

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Look At Your Pool Chemicals Overall

While you may have heard a lot about chlorine, you should know that all of your pool chemicals affect each other. You can’t have a favorite child when it comes to pool chemicals. If you failed chemistry, you don’t need to worry, there are simple frameworks that have been put in place so you can keep up with what your pool needs without feeling like a chemist.

Keeping Up With Your Pool Maintenance Routine

pool maintenance

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Our lives are busy and sometimes it is easy to forget what we need to do. Sometimes, we don’t forget what we need to do. We simply do not want to do it so we let it slide for a couple of days. There are ways to make remembering easier. You can look into a phone app that helps you stay on target with your pool maintenance. We all love our phone apps and when we have one that helps us track our pool maintenance routine, this can be helpful beyond belief.

Once you’ve figured out how you are going to track your routine so you keep up with it, you need to stick to one source of information on your pool. Speaking with a pool professional that will help you understand how to maintain your pool is helpful and could save a lot of effort. You also need to put one person in charge of taking care of the pool. If there are multiple people in charge, the task is likely to be passed back and forth and rarely completed.

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