Thinking about lap pools for your Northern Virginia home means it is about time for a new construction. There is a lot of consideration when undergoing backyard construction. The best way to get excited is to think about the end result and lap pools are for everyone. The whole family will be able to enjoy lap pools and it is going to enable each family member to get more exercise and outdoor enjoyment.

lap pools

Lap Pools – Things to Know

Lap pools are increasing in popularity and the traditional rectangular pool is being built less than normal. This trend doesn’t look like it is going to be changing any time soon.

Lap pools allow you to have a visually pleasing pool in your backyard so you don’t have to worry about driving to the local gym to get some laps in. One of the challenges was that the parents loved the lap pools but the kids were not excited about playing in the awkward small place which felt even smaller when their parents were in the pool as well.

lap pools

Source: Lake Flato Architects

Instead of having a standard lap pool, you can get one of the lap pools with a bit of a twist. You can not only get the exercise from being in lap pools, but you will have the other part of the pool where kids will be able to play without running into their parents.

Lap Pools But With More

You can get a pool that is great for laps but also has an area that is more like a regular pool so there is a play area out of the way of the lap swimmer. You can have something built like this or you might even want to have a lap pool with a freeform type pool portion. These lines would be very contrasting but it would make a for a unique pool design that anyone could get excited about.

Designing Your Perfect Backyard

lap pools | Paul Warchol

Now that you know that lap pools will work for everyone, you might be considering a revision to your pool plans. A lot of people don’t think about the possibilities until they hear about someone that pushed through the limits and got something that they wanted. Now that you know it is possible to design lap pools in a way that you can also get a recreational pool, you can grab a sketch pad and draw up what you would like to see.

Your swimming pool is one of the main things that will allow you to have a backyard living space that is not only pleasing to the eye but it will also be exciting for you when it comes time to be active. A backyard without a pool is a little boring no matter how many plants and pretty bits of landscaping are around.

Make sure to give our team of professionals a call so we can help you start working on your new pool design.

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