Thinking about putting natural pools into play in your Northern Virginia home? In this article, we are going to talk more about how natural pools work and if this might be a good option for you.

Natural Pools – No Chemicals and All the Beauty

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Natural pools are absolutely stunning when done right. Whether you want them to look natural or look more traditional, either option is possible. Understanding how natural pools work will enable you to make a decision on whether these are right for you or whether you want to have a traditional pool that operates with chemicals instead of naturally.

How the Natural Pools Work

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Having a chemical-free pool means you also have a water garden. The plant part which is also known as the regeneration zone is separated from the swimming area by a wall that is a few inches below the water’s surface.

These natural pools have skimmers and pumps that circulate water through the regeneration zone and then it goes back into the swimming area. The plants filter any contaminants that would go into the pool and use nutrients from the water to feed themselves. This helps prevent algae. Rocks like granite river rock or haydite are used as biological filters. 

There are many designs you can look into when you are thinking about natural pools so make sure you look into all the different options available to see which one is going to fit you best.

When you set up natural pools, you will be able to have a beautiful environment that is free of chemicals. Many people have been able to set these up in their environment, but it isn’t always that easy. Whatever you decide to do, pools are great places for recreation and relaxation when you take the time out.

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What Do You Want from Your Natural Pools?

Before you start getting your project together, make sure you know why you want natural pools. Having a plan for what you are going to do once you have your pool will allow you to figure out if this is what you really want.

Do you plan on having kids in the pool? Do you plan on allowing pets to use it? Will this be a pool where you invite your friends? Is it going to work with your lifestyle? All of these questions are important to ask before you start on your project so you know you are going to put your money in the best place possible.

Having a traditional pool might be something that works better for you. Whatever you decide, you can contact us for help on your project and we will help you through the entire process. We have helped thousands of clients become happy clients over the years and we would like to help you as well so make sure to give us a call today and we will be glad to answer any questions you might have.

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