A wading pool is a perfect spot to cool off from the blazing heat in summer. It is an economical pool structure that offers all the benefits of a swimming pool in its shallow depth. You can build this pool in your backyard with the help of professional pool builders. The process starts with the selection of an ideal location and includes several other considerations. Here, they are:

design a swimming poolFind a Location


For building your wading pool, choose a shady location so that the pool water doesn’t get too hot under the sun. Also, the area should be well-leveled. Never choose a low-lying area for the pool because water runoff can become a problem later on. The water running off into the low-lying areas will make your pool muddy. It carries pesticides and fertilizers to the pool water. As a result, the pool water will get contaminated and become unfit for swimming. The cost of maintenance and cleaning will also increase for such pool.

Pool Excavation

After finding the perfect spot, the next step is to start digging the pool. For a small wading pool, you need a hole that’s two feet deep and 4×4 feet in dimension. The edges of the pool should be leveled using the scrap wood from one edge to another. Add gravel layer up to 4 inches deep at the bottom of this hole. This can be a daunting process if you want to do it yourself. It is better to hire the professionals who will excavate the land and level the edges with precision.

design a swimming poolPour the Concrete


To build a concrete pool, you should pour nearly two inches of concrete into the pool and tamp it down. This process requires meticulous attention else it will alter the shape of your pool. The professionals will place a metal reinforcing mesh into this hole on the top of wet concrete. Another two inches of concrete is needed over the mesh to cover it completely. The exposed parts of the mesh may corrode and water may leak through the cement.

The next step is to place reinforcing metal bars in the cement blocks. There should be one bar in each block and they should stand slightly below the top of the holes. The pool contractors cover the cement using plastic sheeting and allow it to dry for at least 24 hours.

Apply the Rendering Coat

The process of applying rendering coat includes three parts of sand, one part of cement, and water. You should apply this coat not later than 48 hours from pouring the concrete in the hole. The amount of water depends on the soil moisture and humidity in the atmosphere. The experts recommend adding a waterproofing product to the rendering coat before you spread it over the bottom and sides of the pool.

Once you complete all these steps, it is essential to cover the pool with plastic and allow the concrete to set for 5-6 days. Lastly, you can fill it with water to enjoy your wading pool. Take help from professionals to make the most of this investment. It may cost a little extra but the results are worth the price.

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