The rainy season can come pretty quickly in Mobile and that is why it is important to watch your pool’s water levels. While there are some points in the year that you are worrying about evaporation, when it is raining, there are other things to think about and figure out how to make sure that you are doing the right thing for your pool’s water levels.

How Does Rain Affect My Pool’s Water Levels and Pool Water?

pool's water levels Obviously, when it is raining, it is going to make your pool’s water levels go up but not only that, rainwater is known to have acidic properties. These acidic properties can cause a negative effect on the water chemistry balance. You may notice that it causes challenges to your pH balance, alkalinity levels and more. The reason we have acidic rain is because of the industrial gasses that make nitric and sulfuric acid. While rainwater falling directly into your pool can be a bad thing, there are other challenges to think about. You may also experience “run off” from your deck and other areas that can change your water’s calcium hardness, pH, TDS, alkalinity and other chemical levels as well as bringing in debris and other things into your pool. You may experience a corrosive pool water and see damage come to the plaster and metal parts of your pool. Depending on how much rain you get, you may experience more or less effect on your pool water. You should make sure to check your pool water at all times so that it doesn’t get out of whack.

What Should You Do About Your Pool’s Water Levels & the Rain

pool's water levels Make sure that you test your pool’s water levels frequently during the period of heavy rain so that you stay ahead of any problems that might try to catch up with you. You should also drain any excess water that you have so that you can bring your water to an appropriate level for proper skimming. If you have filters with a multi-port valve, just set it from vacuum to waste mode so that they can help you eliminate water without putting it through the filter. If your pool needs to be rebalanced after a heavy storm, you may want to look into calling a professional in to take a look. If your pool gets out of hand, it is a big job making sure it gets back into the shape it needs to be. Instead of causing yourself more frustration, you can get it looked at and taken care of by someone that understands what they need to do and has done it many times. pool's water levels You shouldn’t stress out over your pool, your pool is supposed to help you enjoy yourself and your family and having stress around it is just unnecessary. Owning a pool is a joyful experience and you will be able to have great times with friends and family so don’t let a little rain stop you from feeling amazing about it.

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