When you are looking into increasing your fitness, arm workouts should be a part of your routine. There are multiple benefits that adding arm workouts to your routine can achieve. In this article, we are going to talk about how arm workouts and water aerobics benefit you.

Arm Workouts to Get You Going

If you aren’t used to working out in the pool, you may need some help with arm workouts ideas. Here are three great arm workouts to help you get going.

#1 – Arm Lifts

arm workouts
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While you may not feel comfortable lifting weights out of the pool, it is actually easier due to the resistance that water provides when you are in the pool. If you do not feel confident in your weight lifting ability, you can still get a good workout by simply lifting your arms up and down. Some exercise is better than no exercise.

#2 – Punches

arm workouts
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While you are not going to have to be underwater like the man featured here, you will be able to experience a great workout when you are in the water by punching. Punching below the water will allow you to experience resistance even when you aren’t coming in contact with a punching bag. That means the whole swing is helping you tone your arms instead of only when you hit the punching bag.

#3 – Triceps

arm workouts
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Using the side of the pool in your workouts is another helpful way to get the workout results you want when working your arms. Having the water to help support you will make the arm workouts a little easier, but it won’t take all the resistance away. Triceps are sure to be looking good after you’ve been working them on the side of the pool.

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