When you’re planning your Dallas luxury outdoor resort and pool area, you might be seeking features that will incorporate the latest options and technology or differentiate your property from its neighbors. Laminar jets are usually used in resorts, big fountains, and water shows to display unique water effects. These water features create lighted and clear arcs of water. They are individually ideal and combine to form a breath-taking effect.

laminar jets

Our pool experts can install laminar jets in new and existing pools and spas. This pool features have an integrated LED light module that offers a wide selection of color combinations for a stunning backyard pool.

Laminar Jets for Pools:

While you might be knowledgeable about laminar jets from water shows and other types of entertainment, you can use them in pools too. The streams produced will reach 7 feet high and project 8 feet outward. These even arcs can often be built from the landscape that surrounds the pool or hardscape or decking surrounding it. They can project into your fountain, spa, pool, or any other pool water feature.

Offers the Pool and Spa Colorful Effects:

Common for nighttime usage, laminar jets will be able to add a beautiful effect when you’re entertaining in your backyard space in Dallas. The water can provide a colorful effect if you use these features with an LED light source.

laminar jets

With automated settings, you can set the lights to rotate through an array of colors or set to hold a single color. This offers you a range of programming choices and flexibility.

It is possible to adjust the streams from these water features vertically as well as in different directions. You’ll be able to come up with different looks depending on the arc shape you like. Laminar jets are specially made to straighten the water’s molecules. This will help create a looks much like glass.

The technology of these water features will cause the water to take on the typically clear arcs, which these features often create. Without this innovation, the arcs might not have a smooth, accurate look and might be rough looking or distorted.

Most of the allure of the arcs made by laminar jets is because of their perfect look and precision. Most pool owners are often amazed by the stunning effect the arc makes. This is because they look like a piece of solid glass.  With this level of accuracy, the jets can create a stream of water without ripples or other flaws.

laminar jets

Laminar Jets – Conclusion

Whether you’re gathering friends and family for outdoor dining or holding a special event in your outdoor living space like a graduation party, laminar jets can offer fun that lifts up your gathering. Illumination effects that emphasize the pool area will add a little bit of stylishness to your pool area.

You should have laminar jets properly installed by the best professionals at Premier Pools & Spas of Dallas. Let’s talk about all of your pool design ideas so as to attain the optimal effect in your backyard oasis. Contact us today!

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