When it is time to go to the pool, water products for your dog‘s safety has to be a must. You are probably wondering what the water products you need are. In this article, we are going to talk about what water products will help keep your dog safe during this swimming season.

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Water Products You Need for Dog Safety

#1 – Doggles

Have you seen doggles? Yes, that’s right! Goggles for your dogs! Goggles for your dogs are important because you want to make sure that their eyes are kept safe when they are outside enjoying the warmth. Besides, it is super cute!

#2 – Sunscreen

Yes, pets can have sunscreen too. Just because they have fur doesn’t mean they are totally protected from the rays of sun that are beating down on them. Make sure that you get special pet sunscreen so it doesn’t irritate their skin. Dogs with thinner fur need this, especially when they’re spending hours in the sun playing games with you!

#3 – Safety Turtle

Ever worried that your pet dog might fall into the water? One of these water products will help you keep from being afraid. The way that it works is that it will attach to any collar or safety jacket and whenever your pet gets into the water, it will beep and let you know so you can retrieve them.

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#4 – WaterDog

When it comes to water products, this one is pretty smart. The WaterDog attaches to your spigot and when your dog comes close to the spigot, it detects your pet and gives out a slow bit of water so your dog can take a drink. When the dog goes away then the water goes off.

#5 – Dog Cooling Vest

This vest is made out of cotton and the way that it works by pooling the heat out of your dog’s bloodstream. To activate the vest just soak it in water for a couple of minutes and then you can put it on your dog. Water products like this can really help your pet stay cool on those hot dog days of summer.

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Water Products and Pool Safety

If you are worried about keeping your pet safe around the pool, these water products are great and can help you keep your pet from peril. There may be other things for you to think about whenever you are going through your checklist of what to bring poolside. If you aren’t sure if you’ve thought of everything, feel free to contact one of our pool professionals. We are always glad to give any helpful advice that we can.

Some pet owners find it is helpful to update their pools for it to be more pet-friendly. If you feel that your pool needs an update or if you just want a recommendation for water products, we will be glad to talk to you and help you find a solution. Having your own pool is a great deal of fun but it is also a big responsibility so we understand if you need help and with our expertise, we are sure to know how to help you.

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