If you want to spice up your luxury pool, here are some waterfall ideas to get you started. Waterfall ideas will help you get the whole vision for your pool set out. Not everyone has the vision to create their own pool design, but sometimes they will work with a professional to help them get the idea down pat.

If you want to realize your vision, you can work with a professional to help make it happen as well. In this article, we are going to give you three different waterfall ideas for your luxury pool to help you get your creativity flowing.

Waterfall Ideas to Wow Your Friends

Let’s face it, it never hurts to wow your friends and have an attraction point to get them to show up to parties. Here are a few that will help you.


waterfall ideas

AJ Jaw Her Pools

This beautiful pool has a gorgeous and natural looking waterfall as well as a hot tub to the side that makes it look like a beautiful oasis point in this lovely backyard. The waterfall is soft enough that it isn’t going to be causing a lot of a splash, but you are also going to be able to get the full effect of its beauty.

waterfall ideas

Plant NJ

This waterfall into a waterfall is one of the best waterfall ideas. It is elegant and lovely. The landscaping gives it an extra sense of beauty and will definitely have your friends paying close attention.

waterfall ideas


This is one of the most natural looking waterfall ideas and pools so far. If you want the more natural look this could be a great inspiration for you. It looks as if you had been walking in the desert for a long time and have just come upon a beautiful mid-desert oasis.

Implementing Your Waterfall Ideas

If you know which one of your waterfall ideas you want to put into play then you could be looking for someone to help you get started. There are quite a few different options when you look at implementing your waterfall ideas. Instead of trying to figure everything out for yourself, you can hire a professional that has worked with pools for years that will be able to help you get started.

There is no reason that you should go about this project alone. There are so many things to think about and if you try to do the pool work yourself, you may find yourself having to shell out a great deal of extra money than you would have if you would have consulted a professional and help them help you get your pool put into place.

Even if you aren’t sure which one of your waterfall ideas you wanted to put into play, you could speak with the pool professional and they could help you make the best decisions for what you wanted to get out of your pool. Getting a plan in place will make sure that you get exactly what you want.

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