Wave Pools are a Cool Feature to Consider, Especially for Commercial Pools

here is beautiful wave pool we built

Have you ever imagined the experience of waves in your pool? Have you ever heard of a wave pool?

The idea of a wave pool is simple: Recreate the gentle push and pull of the tides, without all that messy sand. Ocean waves work simply enough. The wind and tidal forces push the water forward and then it slides back. So you might be wondering how that works for a wave pool? All that’s necessary is some sort of device to push the water forward.

There are actually several options for how to achieve this: A rotating paddle wheel, like the kind used on steamboats in old movies, will disturb the water sending splashes across the pool. There’s the oscillating plunger which pushes on the water, sending ripples outwards. Lastly, there’s the way that is closest to nature: using air to move the water. A mechanism that uses a high speed fan would achieve this. In the middle of a pipe leading up to the water, a butterfly valve swings vertically to let air through the pipes and swings horizontally to close the valve. This controls the ebb and flow of the waves.

There are so many options when it comes to building a wave pool, the one pictured above was built with a bar and a beach entry (and tiled to bring the feel of beach sand!) – replicating the feel of a beach cabana. Primarily built for commercial usage, these pools offer a relaxing escape when you’re looking to get away from the doldrums of a land-locked existence – bring the beach to you!

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