Ways to Clean Your Spa, Featuring Household Items

Ways to Clean Your Spa 1When you have a dirty spa, there are chalky white lines or tough scum lines, even sap stuck to your spa and don’t have any spa or swimming pool cleaner to clean it up. There are ways to clean your spa without having to go buy expensive pool/spas cleaners or at least ways to clean your spa for the time being, until you go to the store and buy more spa cleaning supplies.

1. Olive Oil- You wouldn’t think that olive oil could be one of the ways to clean your spa, since it’s such an oily ingredient. Although that is one of the reasons that it works so well with cleaning your spa. If there’s sap stuck to the cover or cabinet of your spa, gently scrub the spot with olive oil and you’ll start to notice the sap breaking apart and then you can easily wipe it away. Although it leaves behind a oily residue, we have a solution for that too. Just wash it off with warm water and soap and it should be good as new. The oily surface from the olive oil actually helps prevent the sap from sticking so well to your spa, therefore it makes it easier to clean the next time around.

2. White Vinegar- Diluted vinegar is a great way to remove the chalky white lines and residue left behind by the chlorine from around the walls of your spa. If you mix the white vinegar with water, 50/50 in a bottle and then scrub the area with the residue it should easily take away the marks leaving your spa spotless and clean. White vinegar is cheap and comes in a larger bottle, it also has multiple uses, it’s great for household cleaning as well as a way to clean your spa.

3. Diluted bleach- Much like the diluted white vinegar, diluted bleach can serve the same time of service. It’s a Ways to Clean Your Spa 2great way to clean your spa, it get help you clean the harder scum lines of the sides of your spa. It also acts as a chlorine concentration and can help clear up murky water. Diluted bleach is a better use than the vinegar because it is a harder chemical and get clean the tougher scum lines. It also is less damaging to the vinyl of your spa.

4. Baking Soda- Mixed with white vinegar, these two are the dream team. They can remove any stubborn chalk lines, scum lines and algae if you have it in your spa. This is a great way to clean your spa because the ingredients are simple household supplies. Although, if you do own a spa, attached to your swimming pool or not, you should have the chemical alkalinity. Just like the baking soda it increases the reactants in your spa, so those persistent chlorine lines go away.

5. Diluted Rubbing Alcohol- Rubbing alcohol is an underrated cleaning supply, because you don’t see it in the cleaning isle. You tend to locate this chemical in the first aid isle of any store. It’s used for more than just first aid though, it’s another way to clean your spa. It helps break down and get those pesky scum lines off spas and is great for cleaning household items too, such as, stainless steal appliances.

Ways to Clean Your Spa 3Those are just a few out of many ways to clean your spa. These helpful tips can be used on almost any surface with constant water that need some residue lines cleaned up. Swimming pools tend to get these chlorine lines as well and most of these methods would work on cleaning up the walls of the swimming pools. You have to be careful with cleaning the covers of swimming pools and spas, because the chemicals can damage the look of the cover, the diluted bleach would be your best bet in cleaning swimming pool and spa covers. If you already own an inground swimming pool and you’re thinking about getting a spa, it’s not too late to attach one. It would be renovating your swimming pool and making everything flow and look nicer than if you were to buy a separate hot tub, it would just look out of place. Premier Pools and Spas does an amazing job with renovations, they always work to succeed and please the customer with exactly the product they were looking for.

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