When your Houston pool is starting to look a bit dilapidated, you might not always need to replace the whole setup. There are ways you can refresh or upgrade your Houston, Texas pools to make them look like new and spend less than if you totally replaced the entire thing. Premier Pools, Houston Texas Pool Builders will help you choose what you need to do to refresh your swimming pool and if your pool equipment requires upgrading. The decisions are not at all times easy; however, the right experts will make the experience less challenging and even enjoyable.

Texas pools

Texas pools: Replace or Repair?

Before you decide to improve the look of your Houston, Texas pools, you need to examine the equipment and check if anything needs an upgrade, full replacements, or repairs. If the swimming pool does not work properly, making it look will not improve your investment. If the swimming pool has a liner, look for any weak spots or tears.

This evaluation will determine if the tears need replacement or replace the lining altogether. Flagstone, concrete, tiles, or other materials that your swimming pool is constructed of can crack and be the source of seepage or drainage issues. Inspect these when your pool is drained to see if individual spots can or need repair. Filtration and pumping systems can get dilapidated or worn out. Talk to your Premier Pools & Spas of Houston, Texas Pool Builders to see if you require a replacement or an upgrade for this equipment.

Creating the perfect look for your Texas pools

When you are thinking about a refresh or upgrades, you might choose to change your backyard’s entire look at the same time. You’ll also want to change your pool’s look to match the design. You can do this by resurfacing, adding custom lighting, or even changing the surrounds and tiles of your Austin, Texas pools.

Texas pools

Add custom stonework and fountains to the outside of the swimming pool for a stately and appealing new look. Create something fun for your guests and children at parties and BBQs by using colored lighting inside the swimming pool. Refresh the pool area and make it look like new by adding custom tiling around your backyard oasis. You can even create housing for the filtration systems to conceal them from view. Pool resurfacing will make maintenance easy and add a new look.

Installing a sound system

Your pool design company will create a top of the line sound system for the pool area together with your backyard entertaining spots. This will let you play the event’s soundtrack or just soothing music to help you relax after a tiring day.

Add spa options to your pool

Add a salt water chlorination system or a hot tub to your Houston pool for an amazing spa experience. You can include a new hot tub structure that’s separate from the swimming pool. You can also incorporate it into what already exists and transform your backyard space design into a luxurious experience like you’ve never seen before.

Texas pools

Ready for Your Own Backyard Pool?

Regardless of how you choose to enhance the look of your Houston, Texas pools, always consult with the professionals at Premier Pools & Spas of Houston, Texas to ensure you are getting the value for your money. Houston, Texas Pool Builders will make it happen! Call us today to know about the choices for your custom inground pool.

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