When there are no hot days anymore people start to gear up and welcome the cool weather. One thing that homeowners tend to do in the cold St. Louis months is close their pools. But that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy your St. Louis pool during those months. For those of you who miss swimming in the winter, pool heaters are great options to extend the swim season. They keep your pool warm, even as the days start to get shorter. There are other options too that can help heat your pool water until the summer arrives. So, here are a few ways in which you can get the most out of your swimming pool:

Invest in Gas Heaters

solar pool heaters

There are various kinds of heaters, each with their own advantages. More and more people are beginning to prefer environmentally friendly heaters. Therefore, gas heaters will be suitable for your needs and you don’t have to wait because they heat the pool very quickly.

However, they are a bit pricier than other types of pool heaters, but completely worth the money. You can also keep them switched on even while you are using the pool. If you think that gas heaters are the option for you, make sure to check out the energy efficient models. With these, you can cut down your energy costs.

Use Solar Blankets

Solar blankets look similar to pool covers, but they differ in their functioning. People use them to heat their pool water, similar to pool heaters. During the day, solar blankets capture heat from the sun’s rays and heat the pool water.

They cover up your pool during the cool winter nights. This way, they prevent the warmth from leaving the pool. For this reason, they not only prevent water and heat loss due to evaporation but also act as insulators. However, frequently covering the pool with solar blankets and removing them can be difficult. Furthermore, they also pose storage problems as they are quite bulky.

Install Solar Rings

These function the same way as solar blankets but are much easier to install. Solar rings can cover the surface of any pool shape. These accessories attach to one another with magnets and hence, removing and joining them is much easier.

Furthermore, you can store them easily with your other pool accessories. However, like most pool heaters, you cannot heat the pool with solar rings while you are using it.

Try Liquid Solar Covers

solar pool heaters

Another great solar option and eco-friendly way to heat your pool is a liquid solar cover. You let the liquid sit on the surface of your pool as it heats the water for you. You don’t even have to wait as you can swim even as the liquid floats by you. The good thing is that you need a very little amount of liquid to heat your pool. This means you can enjoy your swim in the winter for a long time. But these are temporary and you have to pour more in from whenever you wish to heat your pool.

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