We Have Hit The 100th Location Milestone

Premier Pools & Spas (PPAS), the nation’s largest pool builder, has continued to see growth across the United States and has recently reached a milestone—hitting 100 franchise locations!

Aaron Gurley, president of Premier Pools & Spas, announced the newest California location, Chico, as the 100th franchise for the company. Since then, Premier has signed on two more franchises— a Premier Pool Service location in Fort Worth, TX and a Premier Pools & Spas location in Nashville North, TN.

Since 1988, Premier has made it a mission to serve others with a purpose and change lives for the better. This mission is met with Premier’s commitment to providing a quality pool and matched customer service to homeowners everywhere, along with offering franchise opportunities for prospective business owners.

Premier offers Premier Pools & Spas and Premier Pool Service as the franchise types available within the company. Premier Pools & Spas franchises focus on the construction of pools, whereas Premier Pool Service franchises are responsible for the maintenance, repairs and servicing of pools.

We've Hit the 100th Location Milestone! 1 Paul Porter, CEO of Premier Pools & Spas, is proud of the progress Premier franchises have made over the last few years and anticipates much more for the company.

“As demand and interest continue to grow in the swimming pool industry, we are excited about the ongoing growth of our brand and quality franchises. Our company now has over 110 locations across America,” Porter said. “I am immensely proud of our dedication to providing high-quality backyard dreams, a great value to thousands of families annually. We anticipate our aggressive growth plans to service the increase in demand for years to come.”

Premier began offering franchise opportunities in 2014 and has since gone to operate in a vast majority of the U.S. The company onboarded 32 franchises in 2020 and has used its success to bring forth more businesses seeking new opportunities and endless growth.

As of 2021, Premier Pools & Spas is proud to be located in 32 states. The company has received 17 new franchises so far in the year, adding to Premier’s staggering and impressive lineup of ambitious entrepreneurs.

“Having been a part of this organization for over 15 years, I am continuously humbled by the quality and character of people we are able to attract,” Gurley said. “Our growth has been targeted, strategic, and accomplished through associating with incredible individuals and families all over this country that genuinely want to make a difference in their marketplace and their community. Our future is very bright, and I am excited to see where we are able to go together over the next 15 years!”

Premier offers unique and life-changing opportunities to like-minded entrepreneurs and is always looking to expand. If you are interested in joining the Premier franchise team, please visit https://premierpoolsfranchise.com to learn more.