swimming pool quote image When you’re shopping for a pool and interviewing available pool builders in your area, you will want to obtain a swimming pool quote that is as accurate as possible.

The average inground pool can cost anywhere from $20,000 to well over $70,000. You may think that the price is determined by the size, but that is only one factor that goes into a swimming pool quote.


Certainly, the materials used to build your pool will affect your swimming pool quote.

A vinyl pool is typically the least expensive, but you should also consider longevity and maintenance costs. A vinyl swimming pool is more susceptible to algae growth, and the vinyl liner will have to be replaced at the 5-10-year mark.

A shotcrete/gunite pool is typically the most expensive option, due to the construction process. However, since it is constructed of steel and concrete, a well-built gunite swimming pool can outlast most humans!

A gunite pool will require resurfacing at some point in time. And, if you want to avoid scratched feet and knees, you will likely want to incorporate tile into your pool project, which will of course affect your swimming pool quote.

A fiberglass swimming pool is a long-lasting, low-maintenance option. Their life expectancy is over 30 years. They don’t require resurfacing or new liners. Their non-porous surface helps them look great for 30 years or more.


Fiberglass pool with decking In some areas of the US, a fiberglass pool can cost less than in other locations. This is due to the costs of transporting the shell to you.

The shell of a fiberglass pool is pre-made, then travels to you from the manufacturer. Transportation costs will vary, depending on how far away the fiberglass shell manufacturer is from your home.

If you decide on a fiberglass pool, you will definitely want to include transportation costs in your swimming pool quote.


Before the digging even begins, there will be costs associated with your new pool. For example, most cities and counties require special permits. You will also have to determine if power lines, sewage pipes, or plumbing will have to be moved to comply with city or town requirements.


Pool features increase the cost of your pool project, so keep this in mind if you’re considering options like spas, gas heaters, automatic pool cleaners, and fancier water purification systems when obtaining your swimming pool quote.

If you’re going to add a slide or grotto, for example, costs can vary widely depending on the materials. Natural rock may be a more expensive option than concrete, depending on where you live. Requesting custom carved features that require a mason will, of course, increase the cost of your project.

A popular addition to pool areas is an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen can include simple elements like a grill, or they can be elaborately designed. Trendy pizza ovens, outdoor wine fridges, and bars with seats can all be included in your swimming pool quote, with appropriate planning.


custom pool decking Even if you have a small backyard, you’ll want to include decking in your swimming pool quote. Decking is available in a wide variety of materials and a myriad of colors.

Pricing varies widely, not only by material type but by size. From a simple wood deck to sumptuous travertine, you will want to ensure decking materials and installation costs are included in your swimming pool quote.


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