Gunite pools are a very popular option across the United States, especially in the Heart of Texas where the weather is warm and nice. In this article, we explain some things you should know about Gunite pools.

gunite pools

If you’re thinking about installing an inground pool in your backyard, one of the most common kinds of pools is a Gunite pool. A few benefits of gunite pools include the flexibility and the durability they provide. This is because you can build them in almost any size or shape.

Range of Finishes

Another unique benefit of Gunite pools is that pool owners can choose from a variety of different finishes. This will help complement the theme of the backyard space. The most popular interior finishes include pebble, quartz, plaster, and glass. Pebble finishes provide low maintenance and the best value. In addition, they give your gunite pool a more appealing feel and look.

Fits in Any Space or Shape

A gunite pool’s flexibility also means they can fit any preferred space or shape that you may at your disposal.

Additional Features

When it comes to add-on features, there are lots of add-ons you can go for when selecting gunite as your kind of pool. These will include custom benches and steps, bar stools, tanning ledges, bar stools, waterfalls, and grottos.

gunite pools

Whatever your personal budget or style, with the installation of gunite, you can use your new gunite pool to extend your existing area’s design. This makes this type of installation one of the most common for homeowners in the Heart of Texas.

Since each gunite pool may be totally customized for your personal needs and your space, it’s important to talk to a gunite pool specialist at Premier Pools & Spas of the Heart of Texas to get a precise cost for your new custom gunite inground pool.

How Long Does it Take to Construct Gunite Pools?

The building process of gunite pools includes the excavation, rebar installation and plumbing, gunite installation, tile and coping installation. Also, pavers or concrete deck installation, control system, and filter equipment installation and lastly finishing the interior.

For completion, a gunite pool will take between 8-10 weeks. The reason this might appear long in comparison to other inground pool choices is because of the time it needs to set or cure the gunite.

To ensure your pool gets the best shape, keep in mind that frequent maintenance is important. Having the right chemicals and quantities will make a huge difference in how long the plaster will last.

Furthermore, make sure you clean up the filter frequently since the clogging can burn out the motor. Premier Pools & Spas provides equipment maintenance and repair. This will greatly help reduce your cost if the pool equipment does get damaged or malfunctions.

gunite pools

Interested in Learning What Gunite Pools are?

Do you want to find out more about what gunite pools are as well as the process involved? We can customize a gunite pool to fit the personal style of every homeowner and also fit into any property size. If you want to invest in a gunite pool or are interested to know more about the benefits of using gunite, feel free to contact us today at Premier Pools & Spas, Heart of Texas pool builders!

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