Pool owners in Dallas often add tanning ledges into their backyard pool for various reasons. One is that a tanning ledge is a perfect area for swimmers to lounge and tan near the pool. This is because they can be in inside and out of the water at the same time.  This feature lets you relax in the pool water and not have maneuver yourself on a pool float, or change into your swimsuit.

tanning ledges

This pool feature often extends several feet in the pool. It provides you with, plenty of space for a few pieces of furniture. A tanning ledge is usually only deep enough to ensure you stay cool, which means you are not actually going to float or swim in it. You may be asking yourself why anybody would like tanning ledges.

What are Tanning Ledges best for?

Perhaps the proper way to inform you of all the things to do with tanning ledges is to offer a list of ways in which pool owners use them.

  • Tanning while putting on sunscreen of course
  • Having a meal or enjoying a drink
  • Playing with your furry friend
  • Socializing spot
  • Resting after workout and swimming
  • Use it as a secure play area for toddlers and babies
  • Napping
  • Reading a book
  • Keeping cool during summer

tanning ledges

Will these features occupy lots of space?

Your sun shelf does not have to occupy lots of space if you are worried about that. Some tanning ledges are only big enough for just one lounge chair while some will fit several.

Are tanning ledges kid friendly?

Our pool experts can confirm that children of all age groups enjoy using tanning ledges. Many parents like them since they offer infants and small children with a safe area to join the family members in the pool. Older children usually love to use this feature to rest between playing games and racing.

Teenagers also use tanning ledges to unwind when they simply want to hang by the pool water or for socializing with friends. It is certainly not a feature that your children will outgrow.

Who would reap the benefits of tanning ledges?

If none of them aroused your interest, think about the others who will use your pool. Do you have small kids? Would anyone in your family enjoy using a chair to lounge in the pool? Will your pets be in your pool? If your answer is yes to any of these, you may want to consider incorporating separate tanning ledges on the side or picking a design with tanning ledges.

tanning ledges

Interested in Creating the Ultimate Relaxation Spot with Tanning Ledges?

Whatever the cost of incorporating this feature, there’s no denying the evident benefits of a tanning ledge. Incorporating tanning ledges into your pool design will let you have more use out of the pool. When you’re making the decision to buy this feature, reconsider how this feature is going to fit into your family. With young kids in the family, a tanning ledge is a safe spot to enable them to get their feet wet on a warm summer day in Dallas. In addition, if you like relaxing and tanning in the sun, then incorporating a tanning ledge to the pool is the perfect option!

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