Keeping your Houston backyard pool water clean and fresh is very important. It also needs a lot of work in most cases. Generally, you will have to regularly keep track of salt or chlorine levels to balance your pool system. Mineral pool systems use natural elements, metals, or minerals to generate the same water quality advantages, which would otherwise be produced by chlorine or salt.

What Are the Benefits to Mineral Pool Systems? 1

If you are not sure of whether mineral pool systems might be best for your backyard pool in Houston, the pool maintenance professionals at Premier Pools & Spas of Houston will help you choose. We will work with you to decide whether the benefits of a mineral pool system can be beneficial for your family and your home. Our professionals can also offer any pool services you might need for your mineral pool system.

What Minerals are in Mineral Pool Systems?

So, what precisely constitutes a mineral pool system? Mineral pool systems are usually a combination of borates, magnesium chloride, sodium chloride, and potassium chloride.

What are mineral pools exactly?

Mineral pools are a much healthier, gentler option to chlorine or traditional salt swimming pools. These pools detoxify and revitalize the body at the same time while swimming and relaxing in your backyard oasis.

These pools use the magnesium properties, a mineral that helps in attaining good health. The health advantages of these pools include help with a healthy sleep cycle, reduce anxiety and stress, detoxification and relieve of aches. Mineral swimming pools are perfect for sensitive skin.

Mineral pool systems

Mineral pool systems allow you to completely immerse yourself in great health. These pools are extremely effective for helping your body to build and absorb healthy levels of magnesium and promote a higher sense of wellness.

Mineral pool systems good for you, and are eco-friendly

Mineral pools provide a more eco-friendly and healthier option to traditional pools. These pools do not go through as much water as standard pools, needing much less backwash.

Important things about mineral pools

  • It’s possible to convert any backyard pool to a mineral one. Premier Pools & Spas of Houston professionals will work with you to determine if a mineral pool is best for you and offer you an entire conversion. We’ll also be happy to enable you to create a new inground pool, which uses mineral water.
  • Mineral pools feel different. These pools feature a smooth feeling, which makes swimming an enjoyable experience. Your eyes are going to experience virtually no irritation, In addition, your skin and hair will not be smelly or sticky since they are after chlorine or salt pool swims.
  • These pools can boost your health. Taking a dip in these pools will help relieve pains and aches while also soothing the skin. Potassium chloride and magnesium chloride both are good for your health. With the readily available minerals in your pool also having natural antiseptic qualities, you require only a little bit of pool sanitizer to help keep your pool water healthy and pure. You can choose a mineral pool to increase your sense of health and attain a healthier pool.

Mineral pool systems

Mineral Pool Systems – Conclusion

If you want mineral pool systems in Houston, TX or nearby, please contact us at Premier Pools & Spas of Houston today!

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