The best offense is always a good defense. If you have small children or even small animals that do not swim, you know how careful you must be. You and your family may be considering installing or purchasing a swimming pool. You of course would like to be as safe as possible, however is a fenced enclosure absolutely necessary? Do you need to purchase a safety fence?

water safety

What Are the Rules on Safety Fences for Pools?

The answer is plain and simple: it depends. What does it depend on? Regulations where you live, as well as your own personal circumstances play a huge role in determining whether or not you are required to have safety fences for pools.

Should I Install Safety Fences in my Backyard?

Just because you may not be required to have a safety fence, does not mean you shouldn’t get one anyway. Recent laws regarding pool safety in Australia shed some light on the importance of pool safety fences.

A mandatory register was established including all household pools and spas across the state. A mandatory inspection was implemented, all pools and spas are inspected as frequently as once every three years. In addition, a certificate of compliance will be required at point of sale or lease of a property.

All swimming pools and spas on residential properties in AU with a depth greater than 30cm are required to be surrounded by safety fences. There are currently 3 sets of requirements for pool safety fences, that all depend on the type of pool you own.

Safety Fences for Pools: Rules and Regulations You Should Know 1

The fact is that children and animals are fast, and curious. It would be easy for them to slip out of your sight and accidentally fall into a swimming pool. The consequences of being ill prepared are far too risky and just simply not worth it. So be prepared!

After all you already do this in other aspects of your life. When you drive a car, your children have carseats, wear seat belts, and you make sure that your airbags are turned on. When they ride bikes, you ensure that they are wearing a helmet to protect their heads. In the summer you apply sunscreen to protect their skin. So why wouldn’t you install safety fences for pools?

water safety

How to Choose a Proper Safety Fence

When you go to choose your safety fence, there are a few things to keep in mind. First consult your local city hall for specific rules and regulations regarding swimming pool safety. It may vary depending on if you have a above ground or in ground swimming pool. Next, search out the proper materials. Do you want a wood fence, or a mesh swimming pool fence? You choice will be influenced by your circumstances. Wood fences are great for privacy, but the cost of building is expensive and the structure is pretty permanent. Mesh swimming pool safety fences are great because they aren’t permanent. In addition they are more cost effective, and do not obstruct your view of the swimming pool.

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