A pool is a must-have for most homeowners.  One of the reasons a homeowner decides to install a pool is, the relaxation it provides as well as quality fun times with friends and family. Every investment comes with associated costs and a pool is no different. A swimming pool is a big investment both the initial cost and maintenance costs. Poor pool maintenance will leave you with a pool that no one wants to get into. It can also be hazardous to your health especially due to chemical imbalance and slipshod cleaning.

The average pool service costs Dallas is approximately $250 for every cleaning. Pool owners spend on average between $120 and $380 on their first pool cleaning.  Although you can perform some pool maintenance tasks, some of the tasks are best left to a professional pool service contractor. Here’s what you can expect:

Pool Service Costs Dallas


The average monthly chemical pool service costs Dallas will range from $50-$150 a month. This includes balancing chemicals, shocks, and other additives you may need. Salt systems run on the low end of that average and standard chlorine systems are at the high end. If you close down your pool for the winter, you can expect your average chemical costs to be from $300-$800 per year. These averages all depend upon your system, where you live, and how much you use your pool. In terms of time, the average pool owner can spend at least an hour each week  cleaning the pool, checking the filter, and balancing chemicals.


Pool Service Costs DallasFilters, pumps, hoses, and accessories will need replacing or repair every now and then. You should budget for pool service costs Dallas of up to $1500 annually on the repair and replacements of these parts. Some years will require more maintenance than others. In terms of time, you should plan to spend considerable time annually to open and close your pool.

Swimming pool services offer an alternative to doing these tasks yourself.  Pool cleaners in Dallas offer weekly and bi-weekly cleaning services. They also offer pool opening and closing services and equipment inspections.

Every pool company is different, so you should ensure you get clear information on what services they will provide and what the pool service costs Dallas are. Pool companies in Dallas also offer clean water guarantees for weekly service subscribers, so you can check if this option is available for you.

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