Swimming pool filters are an essential part to the swimming pool’s cleaning system. They help clear out any of the dirt and debris that may be floating around in your swimming pool. In this article learn what a DE filter actually is, and how it is the best pool filter for your swimming pool.

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What is Diatomaceous Earth?

You have likely heard of a DE pump in the pool world. However you may be a little confused. What is Diatomaceous earth? Diatomaceous earth is the powdered remains of diatoms. What are diatoms? Essentially diatoms are ancient algae-like organisms. Fossilized diatom skeletons breakdown into silica. Today silica can commonly be found in earth’s water sources. Such sources like the ocean, lakes, and streams are full of silica. These are commonly mined to uproot silica deposits. Fun fact! Silica makes up twenty-six percent of the earth’s crust. All of this is part of Diatomaceous earth. Now that you understand the breakdown of diatomaceous earth, let’s consider one of it’s prime uses. To filter out dirt, grime, and bacteria that is residing in your swimming pool. After all, a pool filter is essential.

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Why is Diatomaceous earth used as a pool filter?

Diatomaceous earth also known as DE, which is a substance very similar to a dinosaur bone. When examined carefully under the lens of  microscope you will find it to be very similar to a sponge, absorbent an  extremely porous. The sponge like attribute is what makes DE such a great candidate to filter out the impurities in water. The fact that DE is so fine means it can filter extremely small microscopic particles from the water as it passes through. Making it the perfect natural filter!

This also makes it especially effective in a swimming pool. However, some cities and even counties do not allow DEfilters without separation tanks. Why? DE could potentially clog pipes, and therefore they do not want it dumped into the sewer. This seems practical enough. Save the sewers! This is why separation tanks are so vital. When the filter is drained , the dirty water passes through a canvas strainer bag inside a small tank before reaching the sewers or storm drains. Most of the DE is retained in the strainer bags, which can then be thrown out. A clean pool and a less contaminated clogged sewer system in your area.

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Other uses for DE

Diatomaceous earth has so many honorable uses besides filtration. It is truly a universal substance. Food grade DE is used in agriculture for grain storage, and as feed supplement for farm animals. DE has been used as a pest control mechanism for decades. 

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