A pool without a Baja shelf or ledge is simply a glittering pool to admire but not totally enjoy. You can incorporate a ledge lounger for you and your guests for lounging, unwinding and hanging out in the warm sun and cool pool water. Ledge loungers are often made to complement your backyard pool in a wide-ranging way.

A ledge lounger offers relaxation and outdoor entertaining while enjoying your backyard pool. These wonderful pool additions sit nicely in your reef to let you relax in the warm sun while still cooling off in the pool and taking part in the entertainment and fun and with your friends and family. Ledge loungers allow you to enjoy the amenities of your pool and backyard space. This will make your outdoor space feel like paradise.

ledge lounger

What makes a ledge lounger unique?

You can get ledge loungers in a range of styles. For in-pool furnishings, you’ll get side tables, chaise loungers, and chairs that all have optional removable shades. Additionally, you can get it in several different colors to go with your decor. Each piece of furniture is often created from a sleek, stylish and unique design with a color-stabilizing, durable material, which is weatherproof and long-lasting.

A ledge lounger offers the best comfort and appeal and is quite user-friendly as well. Just submerge it to let it fill with water, position on the ledge and have a great time. This in-water furniture is created from sturdy, durable UV-resistant material. It works perfectly within your Baja shelf or tanning ledge’s depth, allowing you to relax in pool water, in style.

ledge lounger


A ledge lounger offers amazing comfort. This in-water furniture leans back and will hug your body in all the correct spots. You’re immersed in your pool water enough to stay cool and wet, but soak up some sunshine as well.

Weather resistant

A ledge lounger is resistant to salt water, weather conditions, UV rays and harsh chemicals thanks to its durable polyethylene construction. This in-water furniture is also safe for all pool types. It can also stay in your backyard pool for the entire season.

Don’t forget your pillow!

You won’t regret having this extra cushion with the purchase. A pillow extends the time spent on the ledge lounger while you enjoy your pool. These extra cushions are also easy to adjust and have waterproof fabric that doesn’t slip. They are available in any shape you can imagine and you can get them custom-made with initials or a monogram.

ledge lounger

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