When you are considering owning a pool, but backyard size or budget are getting in the way, consider a swim spa. Wishing that somebody would come up with something that had all the best-combined features of spa and swimming pool? Well, your wish has come true since though swim spas have been in existence for quite some time, they are just now becoming a lot more available and a lot more common. Swim Spas use minimal space in your backyard or home to give you the best of both worlds, a pool to cool off in and a spa to relax in!

swim spa

They also function as smaller pools, (we call them: spools) meaning you can play around in them, or with a few of the split-designs, you, in fact, have a swimming area in one end and a hot tub spa in the other end.

Swim spas are available in various sizes and categories and with Premier, you get to design the whole thing! Every single swim spa is unique to your tastes and backyard topography. Different types of Swim Spa may facilitate a setting, which will let you to workout constantly, hang out with friends and family in the comfort of your home, or unwind by simply soaking in the warm water to calm your body and mind. Research has shown, only 30 to 60 minutes of exercising 3 to 4 days each week can help decrease your risk for diabetes, heart problems, and stroke. As a frequent workout, swimming can even help lower cholesterol and blood pressure.


Below are the different kinds of Swim Spas?

If you want to purchase a swim spa, there are plenty of options to think about. Below are the different kinds of Swim Spas:


Inground acrylic Swim Spa

Most are built similar to a Hot Tub Spa formed out of acrylic. Installation is just like an inground pool where the heater, pumps, filter, and all other equipment may be placed wherever you decide on and the Swim Spa can be put up into a deck and landscape around it, anyway you prefer.


Inground vinyl Swim Spas

This is essentially an inground pool with the additional benefit of swim jets. This lets you swim constantly against water current for a never-ending swimming. Contrary to a pool, you will never need to turn around to continue to swim laps or hit the wall.

Self-contained portable Swim Spa

These are simple to install and you do not require a lot to begin using them; chemicals, electrical, and water are all you need. And just as the name means, a portable Swim Spa does not need to be installed permanently, so it is simple for it to be shifted from one place to the next in a backyard, or you can take it along should you move.

For that reason, whether you are searching for a means to a low-cost option for a pool, a way to relax, an enjoyable way to entertain friends and family, or just a healthy solution to exercise, you will find it all with a Swim Spa.

Would you like a Swim Spa?

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