A vanishing edge pool should be installed in an outdoor space that has a view. If you want a unique addition to your property, this type of pool is the best option. These pools feature one side that doesn’t have any walls or edges. This gives the pool the impression of the water dropping off into the horizon. Vanishing edge pools bring more than a touch of stylishness to your outdoor space.

A home that offers an ocean view or is set on a hill will work great and will make the best impact. The negative edge of the structure can overlook a backyard’s edge. If you worry about wasting water, know that it’s being captured and recycled back into the pool.

vanishing edge

The cost

Cost shouldn’t deter you from investing, since vanishing edge pools can increase a property’s overall value. It could significantly help if you ever choose to put your home up for sale.

How the water flows

The structure has a water level wall that descends away from the pool, creating that gorgeous waterfall effect. The overflow drops into a “catch pool” that features a small basin, which is underneath the infinity pool. This collects water and recirculates it back into the pool.

vanishing edge

Constructing a vanishing edge pool

Installing a vanishing edge pool takes considerable architectural, mechanical, and structural detailing that needs experts like the ones at Premier Pools & Spas. A detailed installation will include making sure the walls of the pool rise to the established water level and not above it, needing professional architectural detailing. Pool building needs strategic plans to make sure that the built pool stays completely flat and still with steady water flow dropping over.

If you decide that this pool suits you, you are in for an amazing experience. These pools are wonderful to look at and will provide you and your loved ones with many years of fun as you marvel at their elegance.

vanishing edge

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