An infinity pool can be found in exotic photo shoots and high-end resorts. They are a bit different from regular pools. In the same way, they work differently. These pools have confused a lot of people since their popularity. Often, the infinity pool is known as a disappearing edge, zero, negative or vanishing edge pool. The water in these pools seems to drop over the edge into another section of the pool. However, it creates an illusion as if the horizon extends forever. Read on to know more about these pools.

History of an infinity pool

vanishing edge

According to some claims, the concept of the infinity pool started in France. The first design was known as Stag Fountain constructed in the late 17th century.

In the United States, John Lautner, an architect is believed to be the first architect who designed the first infinity pool in the 60s. He designed these pools for various projects he worked on.

The Trick Of a Vanishing Edge Pool

What is an Infinity Pool? 1

So, how does an infinity pool pulls off this trick? Actually, this vanishing edge pool features one or more walls that seem to meet the level of water. Unlike regular pools, the walls of an infinity pool slope downward and create a waterfall-like scene. This is how the effect is created.

Now, you might be wondering where does the water go? It doesn’t disappear. Instead, it falls into another pool, which is a type of basin that is built beneath the edge. From there, the water is pumped back into the pool again.

How does an Infinity Pool Work?

pool installation

The key is to create the desired view. If you want your infinity pool to create the illusion, make sure that the vanishing edge is positioned in a way that the catch remains invisible from the major viewing points.

If there is no natural slope, you need to do more work to create the slope before installing the main pool. Also, the catch pool should be the right size. In other words, it should not be too small or large. Aside from this, it should be deep enough to all of the water that falls into it from above.

An Infinity Pool from Premier Pools & Spas

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