In case you’re wondering what is an infinity pool, you should know that it is a sought-after luxury that many hope to add to their property. A negative edge or disappearing edge pool, as one might call it, will give you an illusion of the horizon meeting the artificial water body. Thus, it will give you a unique and serene experience. But, such pools require a typical landscape with ample space and regular maintenance. Read on to know more about the exotic infinity pools!

Creating the Perfect Illusion

What is an Infinity Pool? 1

The negative edge pool is a classic piece of an architectural marvel that involves lots of techniques and design expertise. Such pools are examples of how one can trick the eye in believing what is beyond the realms of reality through the use of illusion. When watching the infinity pool from the starting point or from a distance; it might appear that there is no definite edge to it.

Such pools are hence ideal for properties built near rolling hills, cliffs, or even overlooking a non-traditional backyard.

Estimated Cost of Construction

Often spotted in multi-starred hotels or luxurious real estate properties, these pools are a coveted installation. The cost of building infinity pool on your property can amount to approximately $40,000. One of the popular types of infinity pools have only one vanishing edge. This can cost you anywhere between $70,000 and $80,000.

Yet, the addition of this pool will definitely add to the value of your property in the real estate market. It is known to fetch a significantly higher resale value.

Vanishing Edge Pools have a Complex Design

The entire design right from its blueprint to structural detailing and the actual installation requires a lot of expertise. It is crucial that the walls of this kind of pool are built to a certain height and dimension as is planned by the engineer. This does require a great deal of architectural expertise.

It is of paramount importance to keep a close eye on every minute detail of the structure during installation. It will ensure that the water spills over at a predetermined, steady pace on a flat and stagnant surface.

What Causes the Cascading Effect?

infinity pools

If you wish to delve further into the mystery of what is an infinity pool, then you should know precisely what creates the cascading effect. One of the pool’s walls slopes downward at the edge of the pool. This lets the water spill over and creates the much-desired waterfall effect.

The overflowing water percolates in the surge chamber, beneath the vanishing edge. This collects the water and then pumps back to the surface of the pool. The basin should always have a reserve so that the circulation of the water is seamlessly and perpetually maintained.

These are also referred to as reflecting pools. It is mainly because their surface acts much like a mirror when the water is still, as it highlights the beauty of its surroundings. It also adds great residual value to your property making it an installation that is sought after.

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