Enhancing your Houston outdoor space is one of the most fascinating things you can do. Sometimes, the weather in Houston, TX, is unpredictable, and some summer seasons feel like never-ending scorching heat waves. Houston pool construction will totally change the way your loved ones gets to spend its time. By installing a pool to your outdoor space, your loved ones will have a great time and cool off while soaking up the sun rays.

Houston pool construction

In this article, we’ll provide you with a brief insight into the Houston pool construction cycle. And it all starts with, the desire to have your own backyard pool.

Here are steps to Houston pool construction process:

1. Design and Engineer

The first step is to look for an experienced pool builder. After the first interview process, you’ll have a great idea of what your pool will cost to have constructed. The builder will give you a design. With a contract in hand, the building permit is got and your Houston pool construction commences in high gear.

2. Layout and Excavation

Excavation is one of the most interesting stages of your Houston pool construction process. It involves digging and forming of the pool. The usual time required to dig a pool will depend on several factors. These include the pool’s overall depth and size, soil conditions, and access. Nowadays, digging takes one to two days.

3. Rough plumbing and electrical

Once the digging is complete, it is time to proceed to the rough plumbing and electrical. At this stage, all the trenches will be dug for all the conduits and pipes necessary for your pool operation. The builder will do all the trenching and setting up of conduits and pipes at the same time.

Houston pool construction

4. Steel

This stage is the addition of rebar created in the pool’s ultimate shape. Our experienced crew will often tie the steel in less than one day. But this will depend on any bond beams or raised walls and the pool’s shape and size.

5. Gunite or Shotcrete

Up until this point, your outdoor space looks like one huge catastrophe space, with trenches running everywhere. There’s also a huge hole in your backyard space with a criss-cross rebar design running through. Gunite is the application of the concrete to the surface of the pool; it will make your pool’s shell. The installation of benches and the pool floor and walls will have been finished.

6. Decking

For most Houston pool owners, concrete is the preferred choice of decking. The material is affordable and durable in comparison to the other choices such as synthetic or natural wood products, stone, landscaping or grass, pavers or tile. Deck installation will take at least a few days for forming and finishing. It can also need several days and weeks based on the surface.

7. Houston pool construction cleanup and start-up

Once the greater part of your Houston pool construction is done, then comes the removal of all leftover materials from the pool site. All the empty boxes are hauled to the dumps, and lastly, your outdoor space will be all set for enjoyment and not resembling a disaster area. The final item remaining to do is to start up your pool. The start-up process guarantees all equipment is up and running. In addition, the pool has all of the needed chemicals to help prevent algae and other issues.

Houston pool construction

Houston Pool Construction – Conclusion

At Premier Pools & Spas of Houston, we provide high-quality craftsmanship at good prices. Since we value your property and time, all our work gets done expertly and on time, following the highest industry safety standards. We will help you build an elegant pool that will suit your budget, as well as your unique style. Feel free to get in touch with us today!

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