You are contemplating taking the plunge and purchasing your very own swimming pool! How exciting! You know you are going to need a filtration system and are not quite sure which one is right for you. Depending on the type of swimming pool you are planning on building, you may need a different type of filter. Keep reading to figure out what pool filter is the best for your swimming

What is the Best Type of Filter for my Pool? 1

What is the Best Type of Filter for my Pool?

There are three types of swimming pool filters. Sand, DE, and cartridge. Everyone has a different opinion as to which is the top performer. However all three do the same thing, they filter out dirt and grime from your pool water.

Do I need a Sand Filter?

Sand filters are the oldest filtration systems around. Sand filters work by filtering water through a layer of silica sand. The bacteria, dirt, and other particles in the water are trapped and held in the very small openings between the fine grains of sand.

With a sand filter water enters the filter through the top of the filter and then is evenly distributed across the surface area of the sand bed, and pushed to the bottom of the filter. A brand new sand filter will filter out small particles from your pool filter very easily, as it ages however, it will have more difficulty. As the filter gets older or dirtier the pressure inside the tank will begin to rise. This rise in pressure will result in a higher psi. A psi rise of 7-10 means the filter needs to be cleaned. This is done by simply back-washing the filter.

Sand Filters are traditionally the most common of the three filter types. They also tend to be the least expensive of the three filter options. This fact makes them both accessible and highly sought after. However they also have the lowest filtering ability, so depending on the size of debris you may encounter, you may need to search out the other two options.

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What about a DE Filter?

The next type of filter is a DE filter or diatomaceous earth. Unlike a sand filter in which the sand in the filter is cleaned and reused the DE powder is discarded along with all the dirt and grime when you backwash the filter. Every time you backwash a DE filter you need to add more DE powder through your skimmer. There are 2 different types of DE filters the vertical grid filter and the regenerative filters also known as bump filters. In both filter types DE powder  traps the dirt as the water flows through the powder.

DE filters have the strongest filtration ability of the three filter types. This type of filter is ideal for those people who may have swimming pools that suffer from a lot of debris. DE filters certainly keep pool water much cleaner than a sand filter or a cartridge filter. The downside is they are certainly the most expensive option as well.

What is the Best Type of Filter for my Pool? 2

What’s the Scoop on Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are the most environmentally friendly of the three filter types. One advantage of this type of filter is that there is no multiport vale. This means that to clean the filter you do not need to  backwash it. This will save water and money, and saves the ground from harmful chemicals associated with the other filter types.

Cartridge filters are simple and easy to clean. Simply spray the filter don and then soak for 10 to twelve hours in a filter solution.

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