2012-04-13 01.09.21One of the big decisions that you need to make when getting a Houston in ground pool is choosing between a gunite pool or a vinyl one. Here are a few things to remember.

Why Get a Gunite Pool?
When you want a durable pool that offers flexibility when it comes looks, consider a gunite pool.

This type of Houston in ground pool makes use of the rebar framework, covered by a concrete and sand mixture. You can get this in any shape you like. Plus, you have a variety of pool finishes to choose from – giving you so much creative options when it comes to the colors and ambiance of your pool.

Gunite pools are durable and flexible. They’re versatile too. You can choose to add features, such as custom steps and falls. Get the pool that you’ve always imagined! There are no creative limits when it comes to these pools.

Why Get A Vinyl Pool?
A vinyl Houston in ground pool is a more affordable option to a gunite pool. Its price depends on the size of the pool, and the thickness, design and quality of the liner. Its affordability – of course – does not mean you get inferior quality. This kind of pool uses a vinyl lining between the water and the pool frame. The walls of the frame are fortified to withstand the weight of the water.

Vinyl pools are some of the toughest pools available. They last for a long time and don’t crack, unlike concrete pools. They are also low-maintenance. You won’t need to repaint or reapply plaster.

Like gunite pools, vinyl pools are also flexible when it comes to looks. Choose one with the size, shape and design that you want. You can add pool features, such as jets, heaters, waterfalls and the like.

Criteria for Choosing Your Houston In Ground Pool

Choose your in ground pool based on your priorities. Both vinyl and gunite pools are tough pools. However, they have different visual appeal. When you want to have more options when it comes to your pool water and pool bottom color, go for a gunite pool with aggregate finish. When you prioritize easy maintenance and value-for-money, go for a vinyl pool.