In this day and age technology rules the world.  Time is so valuable. There isn’t anything you can’t do with a smart phone to streamline your daily routine.  Pool automation value is skyrocketing. It is becoming a part of daily life for so many. Pool automation systems have recently become more easily accessible and readily available for home owners. 

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What is the Value of Pool Automation?

Everyone is looking for ways to streamline their lives. Technology has become such a huge component of daily life because of the peace of mind it provides. Pools are no exception. Swimming pool automation makes routine maintenance a breeze and gives home owners more control over their swimming pool experience.

What is Pool Automation?

Pool automation is just what it sounds like. Taking systems in your pool and having the technology to start, stop, or schedule by the click of a button. Whether you just want your pump and heater to run on a schedule, or you want to tell google to go ahead and get the spa ready for you. All it takes is a WiFi connection, an adequate automation system, and a few hours of setup. Soon you and your smart pool control will be ready to go.

What is the Value of Pool Automation? 1

What Can You Automate in a Pool?

Pool automation will now automate almost every aspect of your pool. For example, water features,pumps, filters, heaters,salt water systems, sound systems, fire pits, lights, and chemical dispensers.

If you are a salt water pool owner you will certainly appreciate the convenience and benefits of automatic chlorination. To make things even easier chemical balancing, filtration, cleaning, temperature, lights and anything else you want to control in your pool and backyard can now be automated as well.

How Does it Work?

Automation is vert simple. Making something that requires manual input relatively or fully programmable.  All the equipment you use to operate your pool and spa can be programmed and operated by a control panel or power center. The control panel can be relatively simple.It could simply be a timer that operates your pump. It could also be very complicated. For example a panel that can be operated and controlled by multiple different devices.

Pool automation relies on a good Wifi connection. You will want a upload and download speeds of at least 3 Mbps available wherever your pool pad is located. If your unsure about your how fast your home Wifi upload and download speeds you can always use a online speed tester. You have the option of wireless smart control systems, most people opt for these. However if you prefer a wired network you can use a wired ethernet connection.

Palm Desert luxury pools

What is the Pool Automation Value in Daily Life?

Date night or party planned in the near future? You can automatically warm up the spa or pool on your way home from a romantic evening or night with friends . This can be done through an app before you arrive home, that way the water is ready for you. You can do this and much more very simply from your smart phone, amazon Alexa, or even google home.

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