A pool filter is one of the main reasons that your swimming pool is able to stay clean. A swimming pool needs maintenance and proper care to stay crystal clear. Without proper pool maintenance, you’re looking at a dirty pool that your friends and family don’t want to swim in. Keep reading to learn what pool filter works best for your swimming pool.

salt water pool cleanWhat Types of Pool Filters Are There?

Before we go over which type of pool filter would work best in your swimming pool, you need to know what types of pool filters there are. There are typically three types of swimming pool filters available: sand, cartridge, and DE filters. The type of pool filter you choose also changes how you clean it.

Sand Filters

Sand filters are perfect if you want a minimal cleaning job and if you have a large swimming pool. The sand filter doesn’t clog up with debris as often as a cartridge or DE filter. That is why it also works well with large swimming pools. Sand filters start at a lower cost initially, they’re easy to maintain, and can last five to seven years.

pool pump motorCartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are more expensive than sand filters but are typically just as easy to clean out. With these filters, backwashing is the best way to clean them out. Cartridge filters are energy efficient and start at a low cost. Once the filter fills up with debris it will need to be cleaned.

DE Filters

The DE filter is the most expensive of the three choices, and it also can clean the smallest debris out of your swimming pool. The DE filter is structured with grids and contains a white powder to clean debris that flows through it.

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