IMG_2200In a perfect world, the minute you decide to get a swimming pool, one pops up in your backyard. You can jump in immediately to enjoy a refreshing dip. Too bad, technology’s still far from making this scenario come true. When you want a pool, you need to endure weeks of swimming pool installation.

It is a bit of a hassle – yes. But, know what to expect and the days will go by easier.

Excavation: Excavation is the first stage in swimming pool installation. Before this can begin, your Long Island pool builder should have gotten all the requisite permits first. Once you have everything, your builder will mark out your pool’s outline and an access path to the excavation site. The idea is to keep the project site contained, and away from trees, plants and other items and fixtures in your backyard.

Framing: This is where it can get exciting. No – no – you still can’t jump into the pool. But, you will now see its structure. During this stage of the swimming pool installation, your pool builder will secure the framing or substructure of your pool. Plumbing and wiring are set in place. Likewise, the bottom and shape of your pool can now be smoothed out.

Finishing: Finally, the last stage of your swimming pool installation… and it’s aptly called finishing. At this stage, the interior of your pool can now be applied. A fiberglass pool will have its fiberglass shell put in place. A vinyl pool will have its liner installed. A gunite pool will have its concrete, sand, pebble and glass finishing mix applied.

This is when the pool can be filled with water and tested. Other finishing touches, such as coping and decking, are also done at this point.

Expect your swimming pool installation to last for around one month. After which, go right ahead and take a dip!