An amazing Dallas pool design is left up to personal preference and style. This is definitely an essential element since we want to make sure that your end product is a beautiful pool you love looking at! At Premier Pools & Spas of Dallas, our initial step is to have one of our professional team sit down with you to really understand what your pool designs are. Then we’ll discuss what’s achievable within any limits that might be.

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Here What You Should Consider When It Comes to Pool Designs:

1. Fire Bowls

Combination of fire and water is another amazing design aspect, right in your pool. One great way to make this realize this dream is by creating columns, which have fire bowls directly into your pool. It’s possible to create these stunning columns using rock, brick or any other material you want. Fire and water display a true contrast and provide a stunning view for guests outside or in inside your pool.

2. Placement of the Pool

A pool is much more than an area to swim! Think about how it is going to appear in the landscape. Preferably, the pool needs to sit in the sunniest area on your property. It should also be appealing even when you’re not using it, especially if it is visible from your house.

3. The Best Materials for Pool Decks

Select deck materials for functionality. The primary consideration for any decking material is that under a hot sun it should stay at a comfortable temperature.

pool designs

4. What are Other Guidelines for Pool Designs?

The planned use of your pool should determine its design. If lap swimming is not a top priority, think about making the pool look appealing and luxurious. You can use a set of wide steps, which descend into the water at the pool’s shallow end. Homeowners may choose a continuous pool bench, or underwater shelf, alongside one side to offer a place for gathering.

5. Consider a Pool with a Vanishing Edge

A vanishing edge requires a suitable ambiance. While it will be a stunning design element, this kind of pool is most effective on a site with a considerable drop-off. You’ll also want to ensure the pool’s placement will work with other elements of the area, probably helping dramatize a breath-taking view.

6. What are the Best Pool Designs?

Square or round is a great shape for a spa. A rectangle also is the perfect shape for accommodating a pool cover, and, of course, for doing laps in a pool. A freeform type can be challenging to add in the landscape; it often needs lots of attention to itself.

8. How About You Consider Running Water?

You will get dramatic effects with little effort by incorporating a water element to your Dallas pool, to give an alluring sound and a visual focal point. There are many pool designs guidelines to take into consideration: the distance the waterfalls, the force of the water, the size of the opening, and the amount of water.

pool designs

Interested In Your Own Unique Pool Designs?

The primary aspect behind amazing pool designs is the best team and that’s what you will certainly get at Premier Pools & Spas of Dallas. Contact us today for a free consultation to find out how you can be a part of our continually growing family!

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