A well-planned pool landscaping design can transform a fun, recreational space in Dallas into one that endlessly increases the aesthetic and perhaps the property’s value. It is important to have your own private pool right in your yard. That said, it’s surprising how often prospective owners of such luxury, usually don’t put much thought for the details of pool design. There are many things to consider in relation to pool landscaping design. This includes beauty, convenience, safety and, of course, privacy.

pool landscaping design

Here is some information when you’re considering a pool landscaping design.

Experiment and Get Inspiration:

Look for examples you think suit your preference and style. They should complement your existing architecture and your home as well. As soon as you have hired a landscape expert, share your findings and talk about the perfect choices depending on the size of your yard and your budget.

Remember to consult family and friends as well, to source style recommendations and advice. People close to you know your style and can provide you with ideas about how to make things work or assist you to make decisions. You should not hesitate to try things out a bit to create a backyard area that you will keep enjoying for many years to come.

Consider Lighting the Environment:

Keep in mind that the environment affects the color of a pool. This means that on overcast days, the pool color will look darker than on sunny weather. It also means the surrounding surroundings, like shrubs and trees, will impact your pool’s color. Consider the positioning of plants as well as other features and consult our landscape expert on how the naturally available light can affect your space.

pool landscaping design

This means thinking about lighting when the sun sets. Strategically positioned lights surrounding your pool area are simply as essential as other features, particularly if you like entertaining at night. Think about lighting elements and how you can incorporate them into your surrounding landscape. This will allow you to enjoy your pool throughout the day.

Plant Options for Pools

Plantings will soften pool equipment lines, give privacy, and allow the pool area to blend in with the rest of your property’s landscape. For a pool landscaping design that needs low maintenance, the best options are often ground covers, ornamental grasses, and broad-leafed evergreens. A few trees on your pool’s south side will offer shade on scorching hot summer days in Dallas and not block the sun on cooler days.

Consider Safety Early:

One of the reasons why pool landscaping design is so essential is safety. Keep in mind that you might need to include elements, like non-climable zone or fencing, for the purpose of safety. There might even be specific regulations in your town that you should adhere to. Our pool landscaper can advise on legal requirements and what that may mean when it comes to your pool placement and pool landscaping design.

Pools naturally also mean wet surrounds and deck areas. For this reason, you should think beyond the pool and consider non-slip spaces and surfaces. These offer plenty of space for both clear pool access and loungers. This will ensure that everyone is safe as well.

pool landscaping design

Pool Landscaping Design – Conclusion

If you want high-quality pool landscape design services in Dallas, get in touch with the expert pool landscaping design team at Premier Pools & Spas of Dallas today!

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