Having a swimming pool pump is vital to the operation of your swimming pool. Keeping a consistent flow of water moving throughout your swimming pool is a key element as to why it will stay clean. A common question that new pool owners ask is when should I run my pool pump, and for how long? Keep reading to learn how to program your swimming pool pump timer.

pool building & landscapingHow to Program a Swimming Pool Pump Timer

There are two main ways to program your swimming pool pump timer. They are simple to set up, and it will help you keep your swimming pool clean.

Clock Timer

  • Grasp the outer edge of the clock dial and pull the dial forward as far as it will go.
  • Set the clock dial to the appropriate time by turning it clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • Use the permanently attached metal band as the time indicator. Loosen the “On” and “Off” clips with a screwdriver.
  • Move the “On” clip to the desired start time on the clock dial and tighten the screw. Set the “Off” clip to the time you want the timer to turn off. Tighten its screw again.

pool building & landscapingElectronic Timer

  • Pull open the front flap of the timer box to expose the controls.
  • Turn the timer on by pressing the “On/Off” button. Set the time and date. Press the “Mode” button until you see “Set Up” on the screen. Depress the “On/Off” button to display “AM/PM.” Use the “+” and “-” buttons to select the appropriate time.
  • Press “On/Off” again to display the hour and use the “+” to set the hour. Press “On/Off” now to set the minutes. The next time you press “On/Off,” set the year. Pressing “On/Off” again allows you to set the month and one last time allows you to set the day.
  • Some models have one more step to set daylight savings time. Press the “Mode” button again until you get a timer screen. Cycle through the steps as you did in the previous step by pressing the “On/Off” button to set a.m. or p.m., and the hour and minute you want the timer to start. Press “Mode” once again.
  • This time you should see a second timer screen. Set this for the time you want the pool pump timer to shut off. Hit the “Mode” button one more time to save your settings and activate the timer. Check that the timer operates during the time you specified. Reprogram the unit, if necessary.

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