Here is everything and anything that you need in order to be fully school on San Diego pools. Building a swimming pool in San Diego is fun, new and exciting. This is something that will bring friends and families the greatest memories in one single backyard. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about San Diego pools.

small pools

Small Yard & Small Pools

One thing homeowners are discouraged from is the size of their backyard. Most assume that a swimming pool could never be built in their backyard. However, this is false information. A swimming pool can fit in smaller areas quite nicely. Premier Pools & Spas pool building professionals can create the backyard of your dreams, even if you have a small backyard.

Souderton pool safety

Tips & Tricks

One thing that Premier Pools & Spas of San Diego recommends is referring to an experienced pool builder to draw out that correct sizes and proportions of a swimming pool to fit in your backyard. An illusion can be created to make your backyard appear bigger, even with a swimming pool in it. Having a simple landscaping design as well as little to no over the top water features is what is going to make San Diego pools stand out.

classic style swimming pools

Simplicity is Key

Don’t over think your pool project, especially if there isn’t a lot of property to work with. Simplicity is key. You can easily have a nice pool design in a small backyard, but keep in mind there isn’t too much space to create an over the top project. A simple lap pool or rectangle pool is what Premier Pools & Spas recommends in a backyard that doesn’t have too much space to work with. With San Diego pools, you’ll always be in for a treat and create amazing memories splashing in the summer sun.

Build your Backyard Oasis with Premier Pools & Spas!

Today is the day! Having the perfect backyard oasis to create fun and long lasting memories with your friends and family is finally here. Contact Premier Pools & Spas today to receive a FREE design estimate. We want to build you the backyard of your dreams because we have a passion for splashin’.

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