The infinity edge first arrived on the scene years back in luxury view properties with huge vistas. These homes can make standard swimming pools appear smaller sized and more limited. Any sign of pool wall was eliminated, thanks to an infinity edge design. This meant the pool’s water surface visually blended into water and heavens beyond. This not only offered an incredibly appealing swimming experience but also made these usually small outdoor spaces appear much bigger than they really are.

infinity edge

A custom-built pool

Since this type of pool often emphasizes their surrounds, their construction should perfectly complement their surroundings. Because every home is different, each infinity edge needs customization. This might prove more costly than building a standard inground pool. But the appeal of a well-built infinity pool is worthwhile.

A stylish inground pool choice

Infinity pools are excellent for homes surrounded by stunning landscape. Unlike other options for inground pools that emphasize the pool, infinity edge pools often shift the focus to the surrounding areas. They go well with the skyline, alluring swimmers to stare off into breathtaking view.

Tips for designing your infinity edge

You will want to think about how you will use the pool and your property’s surroundings. Since the design of a vanishing edge pool is more for their aesthetic reasons as for swimming, many homeowners in the Gulf Coast choose designs that allow them to make the most of their time around their backyard pool.

infinity edge

You might want to add these features:

  • A spa so that you can enjoy the water in cooler temperatures
  • A fire pit that can add ambiance during summer and keep the deck space warm during cold nights
  • A tanning ledge for you to set lounge chairs facing the skyline

If your property has a stunning view, an infinity edge pool might be the best way to showcase the surroundings of your home and create your own private little paradise. Look beyond your outdoor space and think about how this type of pool may bring even more elegance to your location.

Are they hard to maintain?

Infinity edge needs standard water chemistry and maintenance. But water in this type of pool evaporates very fast. This can affect the levels of chlorine so they need regular inspection. Also, remember that it is not only the pool’s main body that should be treated; the pool’s catch basin works like a small pool and requires frequent pool care, too.

The best part is that pool water enters the basin after which it goes back to the upper level, which creates a bigger flow. Since water flows constantly, foreign particles do not have a lot of time to sink to the pool’s bottom.

So, these pools have naturally clean water. Just be sure that your filters are debris-free to ensure that the water flows back to your pool freely.

infinity edge

Learn more about an infinity edge!

If you like the idea of being part of the surroundings as you take a dip and getting the best viewpoints from your home, please contact Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast today! Our team of professionals will be glad to advise you on these stunning pools and how to enjoy your own infinity edge pool in your outdoor space in the Gulf Coast.

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