When to Open Your Pool


You ask when is the best time to open your pool and Premier Pools as an answer! You may question whether it’s too early or even if it’s too late to open your pool. Don’t worry anymore, your question is being answered. Here are a couple reasons to know when is a good time to open your pool.

Warm temperature, this a great indication that it will be soon time to open up your pool. When the days stay above 70 degrees consistently, that’s when you should take off the pool cover. There’s also warnings to waiting too long. The warm weather produces algae. Especially if you have a pool cover that allows sunlight to go through, you wouldn’t want to open it up late and be welcomed back with algae.

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As you were thinking about opening your pool, we advise you really just watch out for mother nature. We never know when she’s going to throw another rain storm at us and if it’s early to mid April you still may want to stay clear.

Pollen can be another issue, especially in the spring months. It really affects un-circulating water. It just takes more time spent cleaning your pool if you allow the pollen to just fall in. If you allow your pool it circulate the water, the filter catches it and keep it from turning a yellow color.

When summer comes around people may think all the pool expenses will come back and that’s why they wait to open their pools up. Although with the new pumps and filters you can get you won’t have to go out and spend tons of money every summer. The expense of one filter compared to the tons of chemical products the solution is an easy fix.

Those are some tips that let you know when to open up your pool and even some solutions to fix them provided from Premier Pools.

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