No matter how much you love your pool, it looks a bit worse for wear with each passing year. Pool remodels help to maintain your pool year after year with timely renovations. There are some pool problems you must handle in time to avert bigger issues. Here are the times when you know that your pool needs a remodel.

Boise pool remodels

When pool equipment gets old or inefficient

There are several important electrical components and equipment to keep your pool clean and healthy. Pool pumps are the most important equipment that may suffer extensive wear over time. The most common issues with pool pumps are worn out bearings, broken impellers, and overheated pump motors.

If you identify any of these issues, contact Premier Pools & Spas in Boise. Sometimes, you may also feel the need to improve the pool equipment for better energy efficiency and performance. Replace the existing components with advanced automated clears, salt generators, or energy-efficient pumps.

When Coping Stone Wears Out

The top and the capstone of your pool wall are coping. It finishes the edge of your pool. With time, coping stones also show signs of wear and need replacement. Loose stones on the coping will make you wobble when you stand near your pool’s edge. It can be a safety hazard. Hence, you can either reset them or replace the loose coping stones with new mortar. If the joints of coping crack or crumble, it is better to ask a professional to inspect and repair the damages.

When Pool Skimmers Need Replacement

Pool skimmers play an important role to remove the floating debris and keep your pool clean. Since these skimmers are covered with concrete, they may need repairs and replacement over time. Clogged and leaking skimmers are invitations to danger and you must avoid them with timely pool service.

Boise pool remodels

When Gunite Or Concrete Has Visible Deterioration

Any cracks, hollow spots, or rust stains are the tell-tale signs of pool deterioration. As soon as you notice any of these signs, it time for a remodel. Smaller cracks in your pool can be repaired by resurfacing but if the crack is larger, you may need proper pool refinishing services. Hollow spots and popping up of pool are also serious concerns that need expert help. As a matter of fact, never allow minor flaws to become bigger issues.

When Vinyl Liners Are Faded or Discolored

Your pool will lose its luster and fresh appearance if the vinyl liners get faded or discolored. Typically, vinyl liners can sustain 10-15 years of lifespan. But, there may be some factors that affect their lifespan considerably. These factors include excessive exposure to the sun, low-quality chemicals, and sanitary conditions of pool water.

As a result of these factors, you may notice staining, leaking, tearing, or wrinkling on the vinyl liner. Whenever it happens, contact a pool service to repair or replace the liner before things go out of proportion.

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