Luxurious, unique, tranquil, an infinity pool will help create a defined area in your own Gulf Coast home. This pool will trick the eye as if merging into the mountains, sky, or sea in the backdrop. The unique water flow over the edge of the pool will create a soothing feeling of having no barriers. Popularly known as a negative edge, or a disappearing edge pool. An infinity pool will transform an outdoor space into a serene oasis. You can get these pools at beachfront hotels, estates with stunning views, or expensive resorts.

infinity pool

Constructing an infinity pool

The installation of an infinity pool needs extensive mechanical, architectural, and structural detailing that needs the expertise of professionals at Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast. A detailed construction will include making sure the walls of your pool rise to the established level of water and not above it, needing professional architectural detailing. Pool building needs strategic construction plans. This is to make sure that the installed pool stays totally flat and still with a steady flow of water cascading over.

Fun and safe for families

Homeowners, particularly those with small kids, stress about falling off an infinity pool’s edge. Sometimes, pool owners will express added worry over the ability to cover the pool. These pools are safe if constructed properly. Most infinity pool builders are experts in “water-shaping.” This means they should exhibit professional expertise in pH levels, water levels, and collection troughs before and during the installation process.

Artistic and appealing

One of the first advantages of infinity pool owners usually mention is elegance. Because these pools seem not to have an edge, swimmers’ senses are not cluttered with the view of concrete barriers and steps. Rather, the pool’s edge merges with the backdrop.

infinity pool

Glass walls, weirs, and other concealed obstacles make this achievable. Actually, the pool seems to fit seamlessly with the horizon. These pools are usually used at resorts and hotels and can complement any appropriate recreation theme.


An infinity pool needs high-capacity water collection troughs and pumps. Some pool owners are hesitant of these features, fearing wasted money and water. But the pumps will only be active when your pool is in use. This will actually save water eventually. It also minimizes the emergence of stagnant water ponds around your pool area. Troughs for collecting water will help to save too.

Create the ideal illusion

Infinity edge pools are built so that the basin and the edge are unnoticeable when you stand from a window viewpoint; in front of the pool, in and around the pool, or above the pool on a balcony. This pool is the best pool design for non-traditional yards, which have enough square footage beyond the swimming pool to install the basin. The pools are cohesive with a contemporary designed area.

infinity pool

Interested in Your Own Unique Infinity Pool?

Contact the professionals at Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast to replicate a high-end resort feel by featuring an infinity pool in your outdoor space today!

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