If you want to build a pool in your backyard, this winter is a great time to get started. Although most people would like to build a pool in the summer and fall, winter could be the best time to install your inground pool.

Summer has lots of activities that you want to do. Having a swimming pool installed during summer might dampen the mood as builders will be on site, and your backyard will have a huge hole in it as well as the dirt excavated.


There are various reasons why you should build a pool this winter season:

The weather is cool and easy to work in, prices are lower, and pool builders have fewer contracts, and so their availability will not be an issue.

1. Make the most of summer

If you choose a fall pool installation package, you will get to maximize on your first summer swim time. By the time the pool is installed, summer will have arrived, and everything is good to go. Booking a fall installation will allow the pool builders to work in cool weather which is easier for them.

Also, you will not feel the inconvenience of not using your backyard since you don’t use it as much during fall and winter. Once the pool is installed, it can be closed up and once its summer you just open up the pool and get right into the summer mood.

2. Spread out your costs

Installing your inground pool this winter will allow you to split up the installation costs. A pool deck carries a big portion of the costs, and you can split up these costs by installing your pool in the winter.  You can spread these costs by having the pool installed first and then taking a break until spring.

build a pool

This time allows you to save money for the next phase of patio installation.  A winter pool installation will also allow the backfill to settle around the pool during winter before the deck installation.

3. Convenience of a usable yard in summer

Installing an inground pool is messy. There are lots of equipment and trucks in your backyard, especially during excavation. You have a huge hole in the ground and huge mounds of dirt around it.

The dirt might not be trucked out as it will be used as backfill and for leveling your backyard. Installing the pool in fall and winter will not inconvenience you or your family.

4. Enough time to get required permits

Booking a winter pool installation will allow the pool company to get all the required permits in good time. For small yards or if you live in the wetlands, permits could take longer than usual.

In the case of wetlands, it might mean taking several trips to the building department before approvals. For small yards, you might be required to redesign the pool to fit within set restrictions. All these might take time and booking a winter pool installation gives the team enough time to iron out any issues that might arise.

There are many benefits when you build a pool in Tuscan this winter. Don’t miss out on the chance to lower your costs and enjoy your swimming pool to the maximum this summer.

Want to build a pool this winter? Call us today!

Why Building a pool in Tucson this winter is a good idea

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