As winter closes in pool owners are preparing to close their pools and wait for the next summer season. Closing your pool is not complicated, and by following the correct guidelines, you should be able to do it properly so that it is ready for use during the next season.

You should avoid leaving your pool open during winter with no cover.  So, do you drain your pool of all the water or just some of it? Pool resources have information on how to maintain your pool as a pool owner.

pool open

Reasons why you shouldn’t leave your pool open during the winter:

The size of the pool

It is recommended that you do not drain your pool completely unless you are disassembling it for storage or it is a small pool which can be easily reassembled. Larger pools, however, should not be drained completely. You run the risk of tears, rips and a multitude of damage that can be caused by debris. Also, draining the pool completely leaves the liner to dry out, and it can shrink, wrinkle and crack. Water in the pool acts as a shield and prevents the liner from damage during winter.

The type of pool cover

All pools should have their water levels lowered below the skimmer lines. However, the type of pool cover you use will determine if the level needs to be lower than that. A tight pool cover is recommended for pools that are drained of a lot of the water. This prevents the cover from collecting water and debris. A loose pool cover can lead to water accumulation on the cover which can lead to tears and rips.

Skimmer levels

The standard recommendation is that you should drain the pool below the skimmer level. This allows you to check on and clean out the plumbing system to ensure that little or no water is left inside. Water trapped in the plumbing system can over-expand during winter and lead to burst pipes which can be costly to repair.

Air pillows

If you opt to use air pillows you need to leave more water in your pool. The air pillows will create an area in the middle of the pool that will reduce damage from ice to the skimmer and liner.

How does water in the pool protect your pool during winter?

Leaving water in your pool during the winter season protects the pool in various ways. Although it is tempting to just drain the pool completely, it can do more harm than good. Leaving water in the pool keeps the liner moist. This prevents wrinkles, shrinkage, and cracks and prolongs its lifespan.

Rather than drain the pool completely, add winterizing chemicals to the water. Chlorine shock, algaecide, and stain prevention chemicals should be added to prevent stains and algae from forming during the winter months. This will keep the water safe and easier to reopen when summer comes. It is also easier to rebalance the water chemistry when you reopen the pool.

Proper maintenance of your pool during winter will make it easier for you to reopen the pool during summer. Clean water ensures that the liner remains intact and it is protected from tears, rips, and damage. You will not have to spend weeks cleaning out the pool and jump straight into swimming.

If you need professional help, contact Premier pools and Spas today!

Why do you leave water in your orange County pool during the winter?

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