Maintaining a balanced pool is important for ensuring pool equipment is in great working order and assuring the health of everybody swimming. It can at times be confusing knowing just what to look for and the best way to deal with pool water, particularly unbalanced pool water. Do you need help getting your pool water in balance, and maintaining the right levels? You might need to get help from the best Heart of Texas Service professionals.

Balanced Pool

Usually, one of the most confusing processes of swimming pool maintenance is understanding water balancing. Due to its intricacy, some new pool owners might not understand everything they should do to help keep their swimming pool water comfortable, corrosion free and safe.

A balanced pool is important for some reasons:

  1. It extends your pool equipment’s life.
  2. Reduces the chance for water issues, which include the growth of algae and cloudiness.
  3. It will help sanitize chemicals (i.e. bromine and chlorine) to work effectively.

Here are some of the reasons why it’s important having a balanced pool:


If the water balance of your pool is off, it can trigger irritation to your skin and eyes. Furthermore, unbalanced water can lead to damage to your hair. Ensure that your pool’s pH is neither too alkaline nor too acidic to make swimming comfortable.

Balanced Pool

Prevent algae growth and cloudy water

If your pool water is acidic, and your sanitizer, such as bromine or chlorine, is not effective, then you will have water problems. The work of your sanitizer is to keep these problems under control by regularly dealing with the debris and bacteria that cause them.

Keep the chemicals working

Maintaining a good pH balance in your pool will ensure you get the full benefit of your the sanitizing chemicals. For example, in low pH water, your pool water is more acidic and will finish off the sanitizer quicker. This does not offer your sanitizer plenty of time to do its work properly.


When you don’t have a balanced pool, it can cause deterioration in your handrails, ladders, and pool liner. In the long run, unbalanced swimming pool water can corrode your pool pump as well. Lastly, this corrosion isn’t limited to your swimming pool supplies and equipment. Your pool toys and swimsuits can also break down because of swimming in unbalanced pool water.


If your swimming pool uses chlorine, you should ensure that the water in your pool is at the right pH level. If the water isn’t well-balanced, the chlorine will not be effective. This can mean that harmful bacteria and germs are spreading through the pool water and rendering it hazardous to use.

Balanced Pool

These are some of the reasons why you should have a balanced pool. Do you want help with maintaining your swimming pool? Do not hesitate to contact us at Heart of Texas Service.

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