An energy efficient gunite pool can be yours for the summer months by making some simple adjustments. For instance, you can reduce your heating costs with gas or solar pool water heater. The advantage of these changes is you get to enjoy your Gulf Coast pool for a longer time and save money as well.

Energy Efficient Gunite Pool

When constructing a new energy efficient gunite pool or upgrading an outdated one, select your technology wisely. Specific models and types of pool equipment can make a significant difference with regards to energy consumption! By knowing in advance on the most energy-wise choices available, your well-informed purchasing decisions. This will help you save a lot on monthly energy bills.

Benefits of an energy efficient gunite pool

An energy efficient gunite pool is not only good for the environment but to pool owners as well. So if you’re considering getting yourself a new gunite inground pool or if you’re about to update an existing one, then here’s why you should consider energy efficiency:

Make savings

Inground pools that use pool covers and variable speed pumps can greatly reduce energy costs. A pool cover can also help keep your pool warm. This means you won’t need to worry about your electric bills and heating costs. Most importantly, you can save money for future use.

Energy Efficient Gunite Pool

Water conservation

Pools often lose water and heat through evaporation. So a pool cover is important to prevent evaporation from taking place, hence conserving water.

Tips on pool revamp for energy efficiency

To have an energy efficient gunite pool, pool renovation might be important. Buying the right equipment and practicing maintenance routines are necessary measures. They will help you enjoy the benefits of an energy efficient gunite pool.

Below are a few tips on how to make your gunite pool more energy efficient:

  • Use timers for your pump and heater. This is to enable them to work in many short cycles all day rather than a nonstop operation.
  • You can also use solar energy. It will help cut down heating costs and enjoy comfortable water temperature. This is certainly one of the most cost-effective methods used to attain energy efficiency. Your swimming pool can be fixed in a spot in your outdoor space, which is well-exposed to sunlight. It is also wise to evaluate the direction of the wind and particular structures that might bring about windbreak.
  • Use a pool cover. This method conserves both water and heat because they are often lost through evaporation. The cover will keep the swimming pool 10 degrees warmer. This lowers heating costs by approximately 90 %. On top of that, it keeps the pool water clean, reducing cleanup expenses and using the pool filter less often, saving energy as well.

Energy Efficient Gunite Pool


Your Energy Efficient Gunite Pool

Consult your pool professional to help you get the right solution to conserve energy. At the end of the day, help you cut down your swimming pool electricity costs. Do you need help with your project? We would be glad to be a part of the remodel process. So feel free to contact Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast professionals today!

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