No one wants summer pool parties to come to an end. However, with new technology there are ways to extend your swimming pool season, and enjoy your swimming pool in the colder months. Keep reading to learn how you can extend your swimming pool season by heating your pool.

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What are the Advantages to Heating your Pool?

There are more reasons to heat your pool than just hoping for a longer swimming pool season. Homeowners use their swimming pool or attached spa for water therapy and exercise. Heating your pool can further help you with relief of aching muscles, hydrotherapy after a surgery or accident, Relief of arthritis, Physical exercise, etc. There are limitless ideas to how a heated pool can help you as a pool owner.

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Tips on How to Heat your Swimming Pool

Now that you know some advantages to heating your pool, lets go over some ways that you can heat your swimming pool up. Depending on where you live, you might not need any additional heating tips. However, if you live in a place that actually has changing months and the weather gets cold, then keep reading to learn how to heat your pool.

Purchase a Solar Cover

One of the more common ways to heat your pool involves a solar cover. Solar covers are helpful because they simply just trap heat in the pool. Naturally the sun evaporates water from your swimming pool and along with evaporation, so does the heat in your water. Solar covers help by trapping the heat and making sure that evaporation doesn’t occur.

Solar Rings

If you don’t want to invest in a solar cover, you can always invest in solar rings. Solar rings are easier to use and they don’t cost as much as a the solar cover does. Solar rings are smaller and connect together by magnates. Since they are less expensive and smaller, they don’t retain as much heat as a solar pool cover would.

Liquid Solar Cover

If having a pool cover isn’t right for you, then you have a third option to heat up your swimming pool. There is a liquid solar cover that your pour into your pool and it evenly distributes so that their is a thin protective layer on top of your pool water. This thin layer helps your pool water from being evaporated and losing heat.

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