Check Out Wilmers Valderramas Amazing Pool

Wilmer Valderrama owns not only two houses but a celebrity compound, which includes two houses, a multi-purpose building, sports facilities, and a $300,000 beach entry pool and spa. His $300,000 dollar pool has the additions of a spa, slide, waterfall and grotto. His rooftop deck overlooks the swimming pool and has an additional barbecue and seating area. With a long trudge to a beach, Valderramas brought the beach to his celebrity compound and put in a sand volleyball court. There are features inside Valderramas house that you can’t help but look at, such as his old saloon bar. An antique that give his house such character. Some other interior composites are his high story great room, equipped with a two-story fireplace and loft. This room gives off the ranch style look to his house. Valderramas Multi-Purpose room shows that he can both work and hang out with the family here. With a movie projector he can put on family movie nights.  

Who wouldn’t want their home located in Los Angeles, California? The state where they have everything from oceans, to deserts, to the rocky mountains. California is a beautiful state, where the winters are snowy/rainy and the summers are hot and perfect weather for owning a swimming pool. Let alone a $300,000 beach entry swimming pool like Wilmer Valderrama. Summer weather reaching 90 degrees, don’t forget your sunscreen when you go for a swim!

Inground pool cost in California really is based on where you live. There are areas that are more expensive than others, of course, so you’ll have to do a little research when looking at inground pool prices for your area. A standard pool in California will be right around $30,000, that’s without add ons you might like. Additional things people want on there pools might be a waterfall or beach entrance.

Additional things people want with their pools are things like a waterfall or slide. You can add a spa to your swimming pool or a beach entrance. There are people that go big with there swimming pool construction and put in a grotto or even a lazy river.

Looking For Your Own Celebrity Pool?

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