As summertime winds down, it’s time to start getting your California pool ready for the winter season. Properly winterizing your California pool will keep your water clean, protect your equipment from ice damage, and help you save time and money when opening your backyard oasis in spring. Pool winterization might sound complex but, with help from the best Coachella Valley Service professionals, it can be an easy process.

Winterizing your California Pool

Reasons for winterizing your California pool?

There are specific reasons why pools undergo this process a winterization:

  • Leaves pool in great condition when spring arrives.
  • Saves money on maintenance expense, utility expenses, and supplies.
  • Prevents damage from frozen conditions. You do not want to spend a lot on burst water pipes or other damage.

Here are some helpful tips on winterizing your California pool for the winter season:

Clean the pool

First, remove any debris from the swimming pool. Because the pool water will not be filtered or treated chemically during the winter season, it is important to make sure the water is not dirty when you open the swimming pool in the spring.

Remove any leaves with your skimmer net. If organic material is left in the swimming pool for several months, it can discolor the pool’s surface. Make sure you store equipment such as toys and ladders as well.

Lower the level of pool water

It should be approximately 1 – 6 inches below the skimmer on the pool’s side, with the waterline below the tiles. The reason being, the tiles can crack if the water freezes.

Winterizing your California Pool

Treating the water

After cleaning the pool, think about adding chemicals to prevent algae growth. Since algae consume phosphate, the best Coachella Valley Service professionals recommend a stain prevention product and a phosphate remover treatment as well.

Winterizing pool equipment

Winterize all of the plumbing, which include underground pipes, heater, pump, and filter. To do this, remove water from the line with compressed air or a wet-dry vacuum.

Later, an antifreeze might be put into the pipes. The equipment will need to be then plugged to stop water from getting inside.

When you use the proper tools, winterizing your California pool is definitely something you can manage; however, if you do not feel confident, hire a Coachella Valley Service pool expert.

Pool cover

Cover the pool after you have winterized the gear and treated the water. This will help prevent animals, debris, and even leaves from getting into the swimming pool.

Regardless of what cover you select, it is best if you remove excess debris on the cover with a leaf blower. Make sure you also clear standing water or fallen debris from the cover during the winter season.

Winterizing your California Pool

Closing Your Pool for the Winter Season?

Look after your pool during the winter season, and you will have fun in it come springtime! Premier Pools & Spas not only build pools in the sunny states of California but all over the country as well. We have experience with year-round sunny conditions as well as swimming pools in freezing conditions. So make sure you use this guide to assist you to know what your pool needs this winter season! And if you need help winterizing your California pool, your Coachella Valley Service professionals can help.

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