Wood Decking is not a thing of the past!

Today we are talking about some unique decking options for your new backyard oasis. Wood decking has not been as popular in recent years but we wanted to explore some beautiful wood designs in case you were in search of some alternatives to the ultra modern look of hardscaping.


Integration Design Studio

The wooden flooring material creates a stunning pool deck especially with the matching lounge chairs on it.


Drammer Construction, Inc. – 

The pool above has decking made from a 50 year old Red Wood!

So, what are my options for decking?

  • Natural Stone: This is potentially the most luxurious choice you could choose for a pool deck. While labor-intensive and expensive, the final product is gorgeous and long-lasting. Keep in mind that you will have to perform maintenance on the grout at some point.
  • Stamped Concrete: A popular and customizable option. We suggest a more grooved pattern to eliminate slipping around a wet pool area. Easy and fast installation makes up for the fact that cracks may lead to necessary repairs down the line.
  • Travertine: Depending on your geographic location, travertine can be affordable or a very high-end, custom choice for your pool decking. It stays cool, the color will not fade and it can withstand freezing temperatures. Travertine is, however, naturally a soft stone and can chip.
  • Pavers: Pavers can add an amazing cobblestoned and unique look to your backyard patio. They are durable, affordable and easy to repair. They can feel rough on bare feet around the pool but, you are more likely to avoid slips this way.
  • Brick: A classic patio material secured into a concrete base for permanent stability is always an option. It is easy to replace single bricks when one gets cracked or damaged but in general brick is long lasting and durable. Bricks can feel hot on the feet and it will need to be resealed after power washes.
  • Grass or Turf: This may seem obvious but, you can always forgo decking altogether and use grass as your surrounding pool material. Grass can easily get into the pool creating additional maintenance procedures. Overall though, grass is inexpensive and natural looking.

Then there is:

Wood: As you can tell by the photos in this post, wood decking can be beautiful and even -gasp!- modern looking! A little less cleaning: dirt and sand (if you are lucky enough to have a beach pool) can sift through the wood prior to the swimmer diving in. Ipe, cedar and cypress are just a few popular materials people use around their pools. Yes, wood can split or rot and that is why we recommend sealing and performing seasonal maintenance for longevity and protection from the elements.


Shades Of Green Landscape

A raised lap pool with a water fall is the main feature of this back yard. A lawn on the other side of the pool as well as a wooden deck made it look even more beautiful.

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